WWII Bombs Found In West Bengal Area Which Used To Be A Huge US Army Base

How did two 500-pound bombs of World War II land up under the ground in a village in Kalyani’s Hanskhali nearly 100 km from Kolkata? Military historians believe they could have been part of the arsenal stored at Roosevelt Town or Roosevelt Nagar. Till 1945, Kalyani was called Roosevelt Nagar.

On Saturday, while digging in the Chhoto Chutria village in Hanskhali, workers came across the two cylinders, each 50-inch long and nearly 38 inches in diameter. After cleaning them, it was realised they were bombs. Army experts have taken charge of the bombs.

“Roosevelt Town used to be a large US Army base encompassing nearly 45 villages. Some say the town was also used by the US Army Air Force (USAAF) for Over the Hump Operations and the China-Burma-India (CBI) theatre.Click Here: Maori All Blacks Store

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