WWE’s Bayley is Engaged, Who Is The Lucky Man, How Did They Meet

Although former NXT Champion Pamela Rose Martinez (Bayley in WWE) wasn’t seen in action for Raw, she did have a reason for celebration. Aside from her Fallout video after the main event with Sasha Banks, insiders have confirmed that Bayley has become engaged to Aaron Solow. As of right now, there is no date set in stone for the upcoming nuptials.
Bayley and Solow have been a couple for many years, going as far back as 2010 when they met in the independent scene. As a professional wrestler, Solow has wrestled for many independent promotions and continues to wrestle the indy’s today.
Solow is a former tag team champion for the Flying Solow tag team under ACW (Anarchy Championship Wrestling). Although not as well known as his soon-to-be bride, he has his own resume that shows his wrestling talent. He also wrestles under the alias of Stuart Cumberland if anyone wishes to Google his matches.


Bayley’s engagement follows that of her long time friend and former rival Sasha Banks, who married WWE’s costume designer Kid Mikaze (Sarath Ton) earlier in 2016. And although Banks’ wedding had no effect on her career, it is wondered if Bayley will be taking time off when her turn comes. This is due in large part to her involvement in the Raw Women’s Championship.
Before joining NXT, Bayley was an active talent in the indie circuit. While she is one of their hottest stars, WWE should not be the ones who take all the credit for her abilities. Pamela Rose Martinez was a big name in the indie circuit before joining them. She began her wrestling career under the name of Davina Rose, and it was during this time that she met Solow. Bayley joined WWE in 2013, having been a huge fan of wrestling since she was a young girl.

All Wrestling Nation is happy for Bayley, and wish her and her husband-to-be all the best.

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