WWE Rumors: Bludgeon Brothers, Luke Harper, More on Paul Heyman

The Bludgeon Brothers were said to be headed for a significant push over the next few weeks and months before Erick Rowan suffered his untimely biceps tear. With his injury, it is unknown what will happen to Luke Harper though a popular online rumor seems to be to reunite him with Bray Wyatt and ultimately Braun Strowman so the trio can feud with The Shield.
In another follow-up to a previous news article about Paul Heyman’s future with WWE, when asked if there is any truth to the rumor that he would be paired with Ronda Rousey or Samoa Joe (as rumored online), one person with knowledge of the situation said that there have been no plans for that to happen as Rousey is a babyface and it doesn’t make sense for her to be one of Heyman’s client while Joe is on Smackdown and needs absolutely no help as a mouthpiece. One interesting name that was mentioned as aligning with Heyman, but cautioned as purely speculative, is Bobby Lashley.

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