WWE Films Signs Distribution Deal With 20th Century Fox For Future Movie Releases

source: Variety.com

WWE Films has signed a multi-year deal with 20th Century Fox to distribute WWE movies in the future. WWE Films plans on releasing at least one theatrical release and up to four straight-to-DVD films per year.

WWE’s completely producing the films themselves. 20th Century Fox’s job is to get the movies in theaters and major retailers.

WWE Films has a new vision in mind for future film releases. They plan on making PG-13 rated movies as opposed to R-rated flicks such as “See No Evil” and “The Condemned” because they appeal to a broader audience. WWE Films’ Michael Lake told Variety, “We had to refocus where we wanted to go. There’s a strong audience base that is ready for movies that star our guys. A lot of our audience is in the PG-13 area.”

WWE’s hoping that the film releases raise the profile of their stars all the while entertaining existing fans, while attracting a new audience as well. “There’s a real depth of talent we can use,” Lake said. “These guys are action stars anyway. We want to fashion movies to fit their personalities. We’ve got to establish these guys not to our audience so much but to the other moviegoing audience, so that they cross over.”

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