WWE Doesn’t Consider The Undertaker Retired, Could Wrestle Again

The most memorable moment of Wrestlemania this year came when The Undertaker was defeated by Roman Reigns in the main event. “The Deadman” broke character and hugged his wife at ringside after the match, then he promptly left his trench coat, hat, and gloves in the ring as he walked up the ramp and disappeared. This was believed to symbolically suggest that the WWE legend has officially called it a career in the wrestling world. Well apparently all of that could have been for nothing if new reports are to be believed.
Wrestlingnews, as well as a few other news sources, are reporting that The Undertaker is not officially considered retired yet, and he could very well be getting back in the ring again sometime next year. Undertaker told backstage officials that Wrestlemania 33 was going to be the end of his career, but he is not officially gone from WWE. As a result, WWE has been reluctant to say on television that The Undertaker is indeed retired. In actuality, Undertaker is taking time off to have a major hip replacement surgery that he has been needing for a while. Undertaker himself seems to have the mindset that he is finished, but it looks like Vince McMahon and WWE are going to try to see if he can be tempted into doing more matches.
Undertaker wrestling at Wrestlemania is still a big deal, even with his now 23-2 streak, but many fans feel that the time has come for “The Phenom” to walk away from his wrestling career. The Undertaker has been in rough shape in recent years, and if he continues wrestling, it may not be a wise move for his health. What’s interesting is that Michael Cole noted on Raw this week that Roman Reigns was the man who “perhaps sent [Undertaker] into retirement.” Perhaps, huh? So it definitely looks as though WWE will try to get Undertaker to do at least one more Wrestlemania match in New Orleans next year, but if not, then we may have truly seen the last of a legendary figure in WWE.

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