WWE Clash Of Champions Results: WWE US Championship Match – Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode

WWE Clash of Champions Results
United States Championship Match

The champion begs off as the bell rings and lets his opponents wear each other down before getting involved. Ziggler went for an early ZigZag but couldn’t find it, nearly running into the Glorious DDT from Roode. Corbin came out of nowhere and took out both guys, tossing Ziggler hard into the barricade and then turning his attention to the Glorious One with slow, methodical offense. He threw Roode into the corner and started raining down with knees to the small of the back, then rolled outside to make sure the third man stayed down as well. The champion is rolling!

Corbin connected with a running side slam now back in the ring, but took a little too much time telling the fans to go to hell, as Ziggler ran in to break up the pin. Roode willed himself back into the contest with a stiff clotheslines and a running splash in the corner, then came off the second rope with a Blockbuster for two. The champ rolled out and Ziggler tried to sneak a win over Bobby with a quick rollup, but Roode had it scouted and tossed him across the ring. He went to the second rope looking for the Blockbuster again, but Dolph rolled under it and connected with a Fameasser! 1…2… Corbin makes the save.

All three guys start trading right hands and chops, as the crowd gets beyond the Glorious One with a huge “Bobby Roode” chant. Corbin hits a high elevation Deep Six planting the fan favorite, but it’s still not enough. They fight up to the top rope trading punches, looking for an opening, but Ziggler comes out of nowhere and throws the champion to the floor. He looks for a superplex on Roode, but the Corbin had other ideas and sent them both crashing to Earth with a Tower of Doom spot. Clearly frustrated, he looks to end the match but Ziggler sidesteps a splash in the corner and sends the champ hard into the ring post, falling to the floor below. Wow! You could heard that around the arena!

Roode tried to steal it with his third attempt at the Glorious DDT, but Ziggler counters out of the air into a sick DDT! 1…2…no. Corbin is back but just as quickly as he hit the ring he got sent back to the outside. Dolph lined up for a superkick but it’s countered into the Glorious DDT, which actually connects this time! 1…2… Corbin pulls Roode from the ring, saving his title just in time! He rolls him back into the ring and hits a monstrous End of Days — NO, ZIGGLER HIT THEM BOTH with a ZigZag in the middle of the move! Cover on Baron, 1…2…3!

Winner and New Champion: Dolph Ziggler

DEEP SIX by @BaronCorbinWWE, but it’s NOT enough to put away the #GLORIOUS @REALBobbyRoode! #WWEClash @HEELZiggler pic.twitter.com/nJ5vzWWJPF

— WWE (@WWE) December 18, 2017

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The #USChampion @BaronCorbinWWE is all over the place, doing ANYTHING it takes to save his title from @REALBobbyRoode & @HEELZiggler! #WWEClash pic.twitter.com/g6tSw6YIdT

— WWE (@WWE) December 18, 2017

STEAL the show. WIN THE TITLE!@HEELZiggler is your NEW #USChampion!!!! #WWEClash #AndNew @REALBobbyRoode @BaronCorbinWWE pic.twitter.com/1d3jGNG8bb

— WWE (@WWE) December 18, 2017

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The #USTitle is officially home sweet home with @HEELZiggler… #WWEClash #AndNew pic.twitter.com/bQ2krm8qDq

— WWE (@WWE) December 18, 2017

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