WWE Bans Young Bucks’ Catchphrases, Raw Promo News, CM Punk Fight

Despite never being signed to a contract for WWE, The Young Bucks have managed to remain one of the most popular tag teams in all of professional wrestling today. One of the key aspects to their act is the fact that they pay homage to legends of the past, such as the NWO and DX, by using some of their signature taunts and catchphrases. Nick Jackson, one half of the team, informed everybody through Twitter that WWE has banned the team from using a ton of phrases, including DX’s ‘suck it’ taunt, which is technically a WWE property. The team also discussed the situation at length on the newest installment of their YouTube series Being the Elite.

They’ve taken away FTR, Cody’s last name, Su€k It,Hangman, and now Christmas!
— The Young Bucks (@NickJacksonYB) September 5, 2017

CM Punk made his UFC debut last year with a quick loss to Mickey Gall. Despite this, it was reported a while back that Punk had begun training for his next MMA fight. Duke Roufus, owner of the Roufusport fight camp, confirmed that Punk has been training at the facility while awaiting his next fight confirmation. After his loss, UFC President Dana White said that Punk’s future in UFC did not look very bright. Punk has not been confirmed to have another fight with UFC or any other major MMA promotion, however, it does not seem like he is officially walking away the sport anytime soon. UFC lightweight John Makdessi was also training with Punk at the facility.

On last night’s Raw show, John Cena had a match with Jason Jordan to open the show. After the match, Roman Reigns came down to the ring for another promo segment with Cena. Some have been wondering why the segment was done after the two already had a heated promo segment the previous week. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that this was likely done as a way to give Reigns a second chance in a promo against Cena. Apparently the staff in WWE thinks that Roman did not fare too well in last week’s segment. Most fans also believe that Cena got the upper hand in last week’s segment, so it is possible that the segment was made to make Roman look stronger heading into his match against Cena at No Mercy.

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