Wlazly out of national team

Raul Lozano send a letter to federation in which he inform why he is not inviting M. Wlazly to Polish volleyball national team. Raul Lozano omit M. Wlazly from national untill the end of this year.


"I picked up decision taking under attention all essential arguments for my team", said R. Lozano. "Rules are bright and similar for all. We all flow on the same ship and therefore I have to treat similar every single player, and Wlazly did not accept this."

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Wlazly informed, he is very tired and he need more time to rest after the season. He made a threat, if the coach do not agree he can quit in national team. Opposite of SKRA Belchatov demanded own holiday during the World League 2007. "I care about the game in national team, but have to also take care about my own health", explained Wlazly.

Lozano replies:  It cannot be that Mariusz already in February speaks that in May will be tired. Every player will have one week free during World League and two weeks after. 

translated from siatka.org

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