With 40 Species Present In Madurai, Mosquitoes Reportedly Suck 100 Litres Human Blood Daily

Madurai is home to about 40 species of mosquitoes which have adapted to all climatic conditions, and worse, they suck about 100 litres a day from city residents. The stinging claims were made at a national conference on “Emerging Trends in Entomology” held at the American College recently.

Former head of the department of zoology at the college, Dr R Selvaraj Pandian, pointed out that urbanisation had resulted in mosquitoes, which were earlier confined to the cooler rural climes, migrating to the cities. Dr Pandian has worked on mosquitoes for over 30 years and guided nine PhD scholars. He said that the mosquitoes seen in Madurai belonged to five genera — aedes, armigeres, anopheles, culex and mansonia.

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