What Happened After Raw Went Off The Air, Cena's Family Involved In Street Fight

Following the conclusion of Monday’s live Raw broadcast, John Cena referred to his earlier sports teams mentions and challenged CM Punk to a Street Fight. Punk came out and approached Cena outside the ring.

Midway through the bout, Punk grabbed the microphone and congratulated New York Yankees player Derek Jeter on his 3,000th hit. He hurled the television monitors from the announce table but was then hit by Cena with a microphone. Punk then struck Cena’s back with a chair.

Punk taunted Cena’s dad and wife at ringside, ultimately shoving elder Cena. Cena, Sr. punched Punk in response, sending him to the ring. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Punk and covered him for the pinfall victory.

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