Week of 11/30 WWE Stock Track – what’s happening in the market?


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It was an overall ho-hum week for WWE starting at $16.99 on Monday and finishing at $17.18 on Friday. However, WWE stock is attracting a lot of hedge fund activity, according to a new financial report. It appears decision-makers in the market cannot decide whether to be hot or cold on WWE business with so many metrics pointing in opposite directions. Therefore, ups are countered by downs, and vice versa, on a daily basis.


– Monday, Nov. 30: Closing Price of $16.99 per share, down two percent from last Friday’s close.

WWE closed below $17 for the first time in a week.

– Tuesday, Dec. 1: Closing Price of $17.05 per share, up slightly from Monday’s close.

There was an exceptionally high volume of transactions with nearly 2.0 million shares bought and sold. However, the range of prices was within one dollar at a low of $16.88 and a high of $17.87. Such high volume usually produces a bigger swing of highs and lows.

– Wednesday, Dec. 2: Closing Price of $17.43 per share, up two percent from Tuesday.

The volume of shares was back to normal at 345,925 shares bought and sold.

– Thursday, Dec. 3: Closing Price of $17.32 per share, down half-a-percent from Wednesday.

Again, there was normal trading volume.

– Friday, Dec. 4: Closing Price of $17.18 per share, down about one percent from Thursday.

There was not much movement, as the low was $17.16 and the high was $17.48.

Interestingly, WWE did not get to ride a big upward wave for the overall stock market. Both the Dow and NASDAQ markets were up two percent, but WWE dipped on Friday.

Updated 2015 Scoresheet

2015 High – $23.63 (Aug. 6)
2015 Low – $9.82 (Jan. 20 – 52-week low)
52-Week Range – $9.82-23.63
Current Market Value – $1.30 billion

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