WCW Starrcade DVD In The Works, Tony Schiavone Blogs, DDP Yoga

— WWE’s planned “Best of WCW Starrcade” DVD release is back on. Jim Ross noted in a blog on Monday that he spent all day working on the DVD with WWE in Stamford. He also hosted the final, top 5 bouts in Starrcade history for WWE 24/7. Next month is scheduled to be a Starrcade-themed month on WWE 24/7. Ross wrote: “I won’t divulge the results of the voting for the top 25 bouts, especially the top 5, but I will say that some major stars are going to be POed, if you will.” Ross appears to be talking about Dusty Rhodes with his “if you will” remark. You can read his blog at this link.

The Baltimore Sun has an article on former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page’s “Yoga for Regular Guys” workout program. DDP is close to his customers as he e-mails them and sometimes even talks with them on the phone if they need help with the workout program. {Yoga with attitude}

— Former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone, the current Gwinnett Braves radio announcer, has a blog on their official website. He talks about a “Can’t Miss Prospect” in the Atlanta Braves organization. {A “Can’t Miss Prospect”}

See mugshot of former WCW star arrested this week!

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