Vince's Major Announcement Revealed: "History Will Be Made"

Earlier this afternoon, announced that John Cena’s injury was worse than originally expected and that Vince McMahon would kick of this week’s ECW broadcast with a “Major Announcement”.

Tonight on ECW TV, Vince McMahon kicked off the show with his Major Announcement about the future of the vacated WWE Championship.

Vince came out and explained that John Cena was forced to undergo immediate surgery to repair a fully torn right pectoral muscle. Vince asked, “How did it happen? Who is responsible?”

They showed a clip from RAW of Randy Orton giving John Cena the RKO in the ring and again on the announcer’s table. Cena was clearly in bad shape, as Jim Ross cried, “John Cena has been physically destroyed on this night”.

Vince announced that Cena will be out of action from 6 months to a year and therefore has been stripped of the WWE title. However, the WWE Title will not be vacant for long. This Sudnay at No Mercy, a new WWE Champion will be declared and “history will be made”.

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