VIDEO: Chavo Guerrero Speaks On The Rock, John Cena, WWE Network, More

The following are highlights from a recent interview with Chavo Guerrero:

On the Kerwin White character: “I came home from Japan one time and Vince McMahon goes well Chavo..Kerwin I should are now a white guy. I wanted to go completely white, like wear a white sheet, I did…it wasn’t racist because everyone knew I was Mexican, I’m still brown.”

On the WWE Network: “I want them to succeed. It’s better for wrestling. It’s better for everybody. I want all wrestling companies to succeed out there. It’ll have its definite challenges, its new territory, so it’s going to be growing pains for them. They’re gonna do a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong, but I think ultimately the fan is gonna win and that’s why we do this business.”

On The Rock: “That guy is such a nice guy. I love that guy. Not just in the ring, but his acting, he’s really made himself this blockbuster guy, so definitely him, for sure.”

On John Cena: “Say what you want about him and not like him. Believe me, I have and I will take some of that back because the guy is a really good guy. He is a cool dude and you can see why he’s in the position he’s in because he’s a hard worker and he really gives to his fans.”

You can watch the complete interview, which is from Maria Menounos’ “Black Hollywood Live,” below:

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