Video: Bikini Clad Britney Spears Shows Her Body to Debunk Fake News ‘Conspiracy’

Pop star Britney Spears took to Instagram to rail against an alleged fake news “conspiracy” and asked, “is the news really real?” Spears claims a paparazzi edited photos of her body to make her appear fatter than she really is.

“Hello, and please don’t judge me I look haggard right now,” Britney Spears said. “But my question to all of you is: A lot of fans in our world today always criticize people and say their pictures and videos they are posting are either not on time or they’re fake.”

“But no one ever really asks are the paparazzi pictures fake and do the paparazzi people do stuff to the pictures and is the news really real? It’s a conspiracy theory I’m actually interested in,” the “Toxic” singer continued. “Yesterday, I went swimming, I looked 40 pounds bigger than I am today. This is how I am today, and I’m skinny as a needle. You tell me, what is real?”

The 37-year-old’s comments appear to be a response to images published of her traveling around on jet ski in Miami on Monday with her boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Spears’s claims come amid reports that she is still battling a range of personal issues, having recently appeared in court with her parents for an assessment of her father’s conservatorship.

The conservatorship was imposed on Spears back in 2008 when she experienced psychiatric issues that saw her breakdown in several public incidents.

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