US Agents Whisked Out of Yemen after Killing Two in Gunfight: Report

New reporting from the New York Times tells the story of how two U.S. agents—one from the CIA and the other a Special Forces soldier—were involved in a deadly incident more than a month ago that began in a barber shop in the Yemen capital of Sanaa and ended after two alleged assailants were killed in a gunfight.

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Subsequently the U.S. officers—before news of the incident spread—were quickly extracted from the country with the blessing and quiet support of the Yemeni government.

From the Times:

With so little known about the details, those skeptical of the U.S. government’s narrative of incident—at least at the moment—can do little more than speculate about alternative stories. But as a suggested by investigative journalist Chris Woods, who has done extensive reporting on the CIA’s clandestine drone operations in Yemen for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, any government claims about overseas episodes like this should be treated with deep suspicion. In response to the Times coverage, Woods tweeted:


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