Urged on by ‘Captain Chainsaw’, Brazilians pick up tools to chop down the Amazon

Between the shafts of sunlight piercing the rainforest canopy above his slice of the Amazon rainforest, Ijair Baratto gestures to his most valuable possessions.

The Massaranduba tree, nicknamed "bulletwood" for its strength, costs the most, at 700 reais (£130) per cubic metre, the illegal logger says.

Such a tree is probably worth more than the average yearly salary in Brazil.  Then comes garapa, at 600 reais. Tatajuba is the least valuable of the three, at 550 reais.

He doesn’t cut down mahogany, now – there is no market for it.

The race to cash in on the virgin jungle around Mr Baratto is intensifying. Since Brazil’s far-Right president Jair Bolsonaro came to power last year deforestation has…

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