Updated betting odds for tomorrow's WWE TLC show

With some long odds now out, it is possible the smart money has already come in for tomorrow’s TLC show.

Usually the “smart money,” which comes in on most, but not all shows, lead to major odds swings usually an hour or two before the WWE show starts. In most cases it would be afternoon production meetings because for those in the know, they know things often change even on the day of the show.

But a few hours ago, there were major odds movements and one-sided odds that are usually not the case until the smart money comes in.

The biggest odds movement was in the A.J. Styles TLC match with Dean Ambrose, where Styles went from -870 to -2750.

Alexa Bliss went from -195 to -1140, which is a big move, for her women’s title match with Becky Lynch. That doesn’t mean she wins the title, only that she’s the one getting her hand raised when the match is over, although tables matches don’t end via DQ so in this case it’s would indicate a title change.

The Miz went from -160 to -825 in his ladder match for the IC title with Dolph Ziggler.

Baron Corbin went from -400 to -1580 in his chairs match with Kalisto.

Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton went from -565 to -1200 in their tag team title challenge to Rhyno & Heath Slater.

The only match that has even close odds at this point is Nikki Bella vs. Carmella, where Nikki Bella moved from -165 to -280.

Thanks to David Taylor and wweleaks.org

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