Update On Richards & Edwards' WWE Status, TNA Trying To Sign Them?

Apparently the WWE tryout of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards was not at first intended to lead to a deal for them with the company. The idea was that they worked the first week in NXT and if the company liked them, they would be brought to Orlando to work at the Performance Center and some NXT shows for the first few months of 2014. If everything at that point went accordingly, then that would have led to a deal for the two.

As of right now, there is still no real word on whether or not Richards and Edwards will be coming back to WWE after the first of the year, but it is apparently expected.

Additionally, there is some talk that TNA is either getting ready, or may already have, made a play themselves to get Richards and Edwards to join their company.

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[Credit: PWInsider.com]

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