Update On McMahon “Dead” Storyline; USA Network Wants More From RAW

Source: PWInsider.com

– Despite a couple of people within WWE wanting to see the end of the “Mr. McMahon dead” storyline after the sudden and unexpected death of Sherri Martel, it looks as if WWE plans to stay the course. Yesterday, WWE.com did another “story” where they noted that it would be the first Father’s Day that Shane McMahon and Stephanie would spend without their father. Today they are building towards RAW as “the first time in the show’s 14-year history, Mr. McMahon will not be any part of it whatsoever.”

– There has been a significant amount of pressure on WWE by the USA Network for the lagging RAW ratings and that can explain why the WWE Draft was so lopsided. It’s not a secret to anyone that RAW is the most profitable show that WWE has and consequently is where the main focus is going to be when allocating talent and developing storylines. At the end of the day, everything goes back to ratings, and WWE must do what they feel is right to increase their ratings for the show.

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