Ultimate Warrior To Appear In Costume Again, Gail Kim Upset With WWE, More

— Ultimate Warrior is advertised to appear in costume on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at Sound Check Hollywood 8872 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California.

T-Shirts, photos, figurines, posters and other merchandise will be available for purchase. Visit www.soundcheckhollywood.com for more information.

— Andy sent in the following: I have a recently put a bunch of WWE merchandise items up on eBay for auction starting at very low prices. Merchandise includes WWE DVDs, WWE Videogames, WWE T-Shirts, WWE Baseball Caps, WWE Bags, featuring John Cena, Triple H, WWE Legends, Divas and more. You can check out the auction at http://bit.ly/ncT6qy.

Fast Five, which features The Rock in a lead role, is currently the top selling DVD in the United States.

— Various cable providers have Gail Kim’s name mistakenly listed as Gayle King in the information page for her appearance on today’s episode of Family BrainSurge on Nickelodeon. The names of John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, The Miz and Eve are correctly listed.

A fan wrote to Kim on Twitter, “How transparent can WWE be?” She responded, “of course it does. Pathetic. Lol. I wish I was oprah’s bff.”

Gail Kim eliminates herself from battle royal ->

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