Triple H's Mind Analyzed In Cover Story, Knoxville Angle Deemed Terrible, Mysterio

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The latest issue of Power Slam features an in-depth six-page 4,300 word cover story analyzing Triple H and what makes him tick. Matthew Randazzo V, author of Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit & The Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry, attempts to peer inside the mind of Paul Michael Levesque. Triple H is featured on the cover of the magazine with the following headline: “The Man, The Pro, The Ego: Triple H – An In-Depth Character Study Of ‘The Game’.” Here is the description of the article: “Though Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque achieved genuine, seven-figure stardom in the WWF/WWE before he began dating Stephanie McMahon, to fans and co-workers alike, his accomplishments in the organisation have been marred by the perception that he has abused the power he gained when he became an item with the WWE creative chief. In this article, we will analyse comments from WWE insiders and wrestlers to try and determine the veracity of these accusations, and explore why HHH — who, as Vince McMahon’s son-in-law, has his main event push guaranteed until retirement — would even feel the need to “protect his spot” by holding others down…”

— Despite the advertised addition of Rey Mysterio to Tuesday’s SmackDown/ECW taping in San Diego, the show only drew approximately 4,500 fans, which has to be considered a disappointment. San Diego has been one of WWE’s hottest markets, largely due to hometown wrestler Mysterio being such a strong local draw.

— Head Raw writer Brian Gewirtz was the brains behind the Johnny Knoxville angle on the 10/13 Raw. Internally, people said the angle was terrible and Gewirtz became defensive on his fellow creative team members telling him that. Furthermore, the 10/20 Raw featuring the bizarre gauntlet match involving Chris Jericho & Batista was even more poorly received. Most of the show’s contents came from Vince McMahon.

See how Brian Gewirtz looks like! (appeared on WWE TV before) (>>)

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