Toni Nadal:'Rafael was never disrespectful with me,otherwise I'd have left'

Was ever disrespectful with his uncle Toni over the 27 years they worked together? No, never, said Toni in an interview to Diario Vasco. You never had even one time when Rafael showed me lack of respect.

(If it happened) I would have left. Its unacceptable. The life is a matter of respect and I am there to help him. Rafael never had a lack of respect towards my person and to none of his team members neither. Of course sometimes players deal with nerves but they have to learn to dominate them. Commenting on the towel issue in tennis, Toni added: I do not want to get involved in it.

It seems that some people do not have mirrors in their houses and they want to save the world. I know Fernando Verdasco and the scene that I saw on the Internet where he lost nerves because he was in a rush, but in no time he had a respectful action with the ball boy. Asked if the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are a goal for Rafael, Toni replied: Its not a goal now because you look for shorter ones, but competing in one more Olympics is a motivation.

I think he would like a lot to do it. Commenting on the 2019 season, Toni warned two rivals can be very competitive again: (Juan Martin) Del Potro had problems on a consistent basis as well and sometimes we forget of him because he lacked consistency.

Playing with many issues is complicated. But like with (Andy) Murray, if he recovers, they will be very difficult opponents to beat. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title

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