TNA Impact Wrestling results: Kurt Angle battles Lashley in his final TNA match

Previously on TNA Impact:

Last week on Impact, Kurt Angle wrestled his second to last match in TNA by defeating one half of Beer Money, Bobby Roode, in a whirlwind match. Later on, Ethan Carter III got his revenge on Rockstar Spud by beating Spud to his last wit.

Tonight on TNA Impact:

Tonight, we say so long to The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour and to Kurt Angle’s near 10-year career in TNA. As noted last week, fans are encouraged to share their favorite Kurt Angle memories with the hashtag #ThankYouKurt to show their appreciation for all the injuries, blood and passion that Kurt has brought to the ring proving just how devoted he is to the sport.

Kurt Angle wrestles his final match in TNA tonight against “The Destroyer” Lashley. Also, TNA Tag Champions The Wolves defended their title against Beer Money to determine who the greatest tag team in TNA history truly is.

Show Recap:

-Josh Matthews welcomes us to Impact and the end of The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour. Josh throws it to TNA President Dixie Carter.

Standing center stage, Dixie Carter is surrounded by the TNA roster and employees. Dixie introduces the first ever Olympic Gold medalist in wrestling, the icon, the legend and the hall of famer, Kurt Angle. Kurt graciously struts down to the ring. Dixie addresses directly to Kurt and becomes extremely emotional. While holding back the tears, Dixie talks about Kurt first coming into TNA 10 short years ago. Kurt is obviously touched and gets emotional as well. Dixie thanks Kurt for everything he’s done for the company and they embrace. Crowd erupts into a massive “Thank You Angle” chant.

Drew Galloway enters the ring and thanks Kurt as well. He mentions that he came to TNA to wrestler the great Kurt Angle. Kurt reminisces about the reason he came to TNA 10 years ago. He says it was to find himself, which he obviously went above and beyond in exceeding. Kurt says he’s a better man, better father, better wrestler and better friend because of his time at TNA.

Lashley interrupts and comes down to the ring. He also thanks Kurt for everything he’s done, but he claims Kurt is not ready to wrestle him. The crowd taunts Lashley with “Angle’s going to kill you!” chants.

– Up next is the King of the Mountain match and we get a video package explaining the very complicated rules. Competitors battle it out in a “pin falls count anywhere” fight. When a wrestler is pinned he must go into the penalty box for 60 seconds. The wrestler who scores the pin is then eligible to take the King of the Mountain title, climb up a ladder and hang the belt, allowing them to win. 

King of the Mountain Champion Eric Young and Bram make their way to the ring. Josh tells us we’re going to find out the other participants and the rules after the commercial.

TNA King Of The Mountain Eric Young vs. Bram vs. Big Damo vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Will Ospreay

Back from commercial, the wrestlers are already in the ring and the match is in progress. Five guys fight in the ring and rally on the outside. Ospreay pins Jimmy Havoc, so Havoc must go into the penalty box while Ospreay is now eligible to hang the belt. EY and Bram double-team the other three. Havoc hits a dive from the top of the penalty box onto the other men. EY hits a piledriver on Havoc on the steel steps and pins him. Bram then pins Big Damo.

Bram and EY tease working together but end up brawling instead. Bram gets the better of EY and climbs the ladder. EY tips over the ladder sending Bram to the outside. Ospeary is near the top of the ladder with the belt in hand. EY hits a neck breaker off the ladder from the turnbuckle allowing him to climb the ladder and win the match!

Josh mentions that next week on Impact, Jeff Hardy returns and goes one on one with Eric Young.

– We look back at Kurt Angle’s career in TNA. They air the closing moments of Kurt’s first match in TNA where he ended the undefeated streak of Samoa Joe.

– Backstage, Maria Kanellis thanks Dixie for bringing her and husband “Miracle” Mike Bennett to TNA. Maria lets her know that Mike is going to call her out to the ring later. Maria also mentions that she wants to be a part of the Knockouts Division so Dixie should give her assistant a call so they can “have a chit-chat”. Dixie is like Gail and believes in action, not words.

– We get another creepy Decay music video intercut with scenes from the Marilyn Manson video of the same song.

– Back from commercial, Bennett and Kanellis enter the ring. Bennett thinks he should be the number one contender for the TNA World title and calls out Dixie to make “this miracle happen.” Instead of Dixie, Galloway comes with his Feast or Fired Briefcase. They argue back and forth about who should be the number one contender. They end up brawling and Bennett escapes the ring before Drew can hit the Claymore kick.

– We look back at Kurt’s TNA career again and when he won the TNA World title in a King of the Mountain match in 2007. 

– Backstage, Kurt talks with The Wolves. They thank Kurt for everything and Kurt praises both men. Kurt passes on the ankle lock submission to Richards who is clearly honored and flattered. This came across as a very sincere and genuine moment between three men who greatly love what they do for a living.

TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim vs. Jade

Jade comes out alone and leaves The Dollhouse in the back. Gail uses the figure four-leg lock around the ring post made famous by Bret Hart. Jade gains the advantage and works over Gail with submissions working the legs and shoulder. Gail regains the advantage with some stiff looking forearm shots. Jade counters Eat Defeat in a graceful German suplex for a near fall. Gail rolls up Jade for the pin and retains the Knockouts title.

– We get a recap of Rockstar Spud costing EC3 the TNA title match against Matt Hardy at Lockdown and the beating EC3 gave Spud last week. Josh announces that next week EC3 gets another title shot at the TNA World Champion against the current champion, Matt Hardy. Hardy cuts a promo and is enraged that EC3 is getting another shot.

TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. Beer Money (Bobby Roode & James Storm)

Both teams make their way to the ring. The story of this match is that it’s a dream match of two evenly matched teams. The match starts off with traditional mat wrestling, but the pace soon quickens! The Wolves hit a double suicide dive to the outside. YAY! Beer Money takes over and they slow the match down. BOO! Beer Money isolates Eddie Edwards and prevents him from tagging Davey. Eddie finally makes the hot tag to Davey who runs wild and takes on both members of Beer Money.

Back from commercial, Davey locks a submission move on Storm and gets Roode in the Ankle Lock. Beer Money gets a near fall, but Davey breaks up the pin. Beer Money goes for the DWI, however, Eddie counters out of it hasty. Davey jumps off the top rope and Storm catches him with a lung blower. Davey lands on his leg awkwardly, legitimately injuring his leg. He rolls out of the ring and is out of the match, obviously. Beer Money hits the DWI on Eddie to win the match and become THE FIVE TIME TNA Tag Team Champions!

Eddie Edwards and TNA officials help Davey Richards to the back to get urgent medical attention to his leg. The injury is very unfortunate and Davey had surgery recently, only making this an even more stressful situation. He’s expected to be out of action for 6-9 months.

– Next, we get moments from Kurt Angle’s Induction into the TNA Hall of Fame.

– Back from commercial, we get videos of fans thanking Kurt Angle for his time in TNA.

– Backstage, “Miracle” Mike approaches Kurt and lets him know that if Kurt decides to return, Mike will be waiting for him. Kurt tells Bennett that he better wish that Kurt never returns.

– Back in the arena, Grado runs down to the ring and says he has video proof of why he shouldn’t have been fired. Eli Drake and Jesse Godderz come to the ring and beat down Grado till Mahabali Shera runs out for the save. Eli takes out Shera with a briefcase shot to the back. Grado retaliates and takes out both guys. Grado grabs the briefcase and runs off.

– Back from commercial, we get a Kurt Angle Tribute Video. The video is very well done and includes moment from his career and comments from TNA employees. The video ends with “Thank You Kurt” written in white against a black backdrop.

Kurt Angle vs. Lashley

It’s time for Kurt Angle’s final match in TNA and the end of The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour. Both guys make their way to the ring. That match has a big fight feel to it. Kurt receives a huge standing ovation for Kurt when he’s introduced for the final time in TNA. #ThankYouKurt

Kurt takes Lashley down to the mat and locks in on a side headlock. Kurt sends Lashley to the outside after hitting two German suplexes. Lashley is frustrated as he regroups, using his rage as fuel to this fire. Lashley gains the advantage but Kurt comes back and hits a series of rolling German suplexes. Lashley regains control with a power slam. Kurt hits three more rolling German suplexes bringing the total to around nine.

Angle locks on the ankle lock prompting Lashley to counter into a submission of his own. Kurt gets the ankle lock a second time. Lashley hits the spear for a two count and Lashley can’t believe he didn’t get the win.

Kurt gets the ankle lock again and grape vines his leg in the center of the ring. Lashley teases tapping out. Lashley survives the ankle lock and fights out. Lashley hits a third spear for the pin and the win. Lashley defeats Kurt in Kurt’s final match in TNA. 

Post match, the crowd erupts into a huge “Thank You Angle” chant. Lashley and Kurt hug in the center of the ring. Lashley raises Kurt’s arm and suddenly Lashley turns on Kurt and lays him out. Lashley hits another spear on our American hero. Drew comes out for the save, but he also gets hit with a spear! Eddie Edwards who also comes out, guess what happens to him… A SPEAR! To add insult to injury, Lashley hits another spear on Kurt. Lashley stands triumphant in the ring when the catchiest music in wrestling hits and Ethan Carter III makes his way to the ring. They have a staredown and Lashley simply walks away. EC3 checks on Kurt as the show ends.

Final Thoughts:

Another good Impact and it helped that it was all based around Kurt Angle’s final match in TNA. The main event was exciting, and everyone was emotional as expected. The Tag title match also delivered a great fight between ferocious competitors.

Next Time on TNA Impact:

TNA returns to Orlando next week with Matt Hardy defending the TNA World title against EC3 in the main event, and the returning Jeff Hardy facing off against Eric Young.

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