Terry Funk Returns To The Ring. Again

The man from the DoubleCross ranch, Terry Funk, made another return to the ring last night at the ripe age of 73 in a match at the Dorton Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Terry teamed up with the Rock ‘N Roll Express in a match against longtime Funk rival Jerry “The King” Lawler (whose participation is also incredible), his son Brian Christopher, and Doug Gilbert. The match was said to be  “All over the place” with all six of the Memphis territory legends. During the match, Funk even pulled Christopher’s belt off and started whipping him. The final bell rang after Lawler punched out the referee. The action didn’t stop though and they kept fighting, with Funk attacking several referees and delivering a number of Texas Piledrivers. After the chaos had ended Terry got on the mic and thanked all the fans for letting “An old fart” have some new life in wrestling.
The match drew about 900 fans and was promoted by Big Time Wrestling. Funk first debuted in 1965 and during his long career, he has had several “retirements” only to come back a short time later. He first announced he was retiring in Japan in the early 80s. Around that same time was the start of the feud with Jerry Lawler and the infamous “Empty Arena Match”.


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If only we all are this active when we reach our 70s right?

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