Stroll Sr: ‘I don’t put pressure on my son’

Lawrence Stroll denied putting pressure on his son Lance to deliver on expectations as the Williams rookie continues to struggle in his maiden F1 season.

The 18-year-old  has come under the scrutiny of pundits who question his ability to race at the highest level following his lack of consistency and his under-performance compared to team mate Felipe Massa.

But Stroll Sr, a billionaire fashion mogul who bankrolled his son’s journey to F1 to the tune of an estimated $80M, denies he is exerting pressure on the teenager.

“I do not put pressure on Lance,” Stroll told Le Journal de Montreal newspaper.

“The pressure he has is that which he puts on himself. I am only his father.

“There are professionals everywhere who are paid to handle it, and a team that is very satisfied with his behaviour and his progress.”

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Lawrence Stroll also contends that his son’s “rich kid” image hasn’t done him any favours.

“For sure there is jealousy,” added Stroll senior.

“But I want to stress that Lance earned his place in Formula 1. He won everywhere he went and the (license) points that he needed, he went and got them.

“This is probably the toughest year for a youngster to start in F1, with even the teams not always understanding exactly what is going on.

“So you cannot ask an 18-year-old to do it alone,” he insisted.

The Canadian businessman also pointed to the fact that ‘pay drivers’ in F1 are widespread in F1, even if the money doesn’t stem from a family fortune.

“There is not a driver here who has not been supported by millions,” said the 58-year-old.

“Take Sergio Perez. How do you think it happened for him?”


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