Stephanie McMahon Talks About #HijackRAW, WWE's Social Media Secrets

Business magazine recently interviewed Stephanie McMahon about the “secrets” of WWE’s social media strategy. Here are some highlights of what Stephanie said about:

WWE Superstars Staying Active on Social Media: “Our talent uses their social media accounts to continue to drive story line and engagement. It creates an ecosystem for our fans to continue story lines throughout the week 24/7. They are never disconnected from WWE, it’s an opportunity to keep our fans engaged with our brand.” As a result of this strategy, she says they’ve been able to grow their social media fan base to over 360 million followers. “That number literally grows every single week.”

WWE Listening To The Audience: “WWE utilizes social media, Twitter specifically, to push out information in a creative and fun way, but we also love to engage our fans. It’s not just about your message, the other half of social media is listening and responding. Fans, consumers, and customers appreciate that extra level of personal attention and responsiveness from any brand.”

“When you think about the secret of WWE, it is our fan base. I think if every company looked at their consumers as the secret to their success, they might have more success.”

The #HijackRAW Movement: “A lot of companies would’ve thought that this was trouble and say, ‘Oh my God, what do we do?’ But for WWE, it wasn’t even a question because our whole strategy is to engage our audience. We absolutely embraced this concept and had [wrestler] Daniel Bryan to talk about it during Raw. Because of that, #HijackRaw and #RawChicago were both world wide trends and trended seven times that night.”

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