*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results From Atlanta, Georgia

WWE is currently taping this week’s edition of SmackDown from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Special thanks to Wrestling News World readers Jules Michaels, AJ Spencer, Dennis Spencer and Charles Petrus for text-messaging the following results. If you are attending a WWE event in the near future and would be interested in assisting us with live coverage, please email me your name, the name/date of the show, and your mobile number by clicking here.

* A WrestleMania XXIV video package is shown.

Dark Match:
* Ron Killings b. Kenny Dykstra
– Killings (with the crowd behind him) gets the win with an axe kick in 5:00.

* Jim Ross is out with Tazz to commentate.

* A video package of Edge & Foley from last week is shown.

* Maryse, Victoria, & Natalya b. Michelle McCool, Cherry, & Maria
– All six are dressed for Olympic events. Maria taps to Natalya’s sharpshooter at 2:33.

* Backstage, La Familia finds Bam Neely laid out with a black rose on top of him. They’re confused.

* Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder b. Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore
– Moore gets pinned after a double DDT at 4:19.

* Jeff Hardy vs. MVP is announced for SummerSlam.

* Lena Yada interviews MVP backstage about Jeff Hardy.

* Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin
– The crowd is really into this match. Shelton works hard on Jeff’s left knee dominating most of the match. Jeff turns things around. He continues to work Shelton over and hits Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton Bomb. Jeff goes for the pin and MVP comes running in and lays him out with a boot forcing the match to end in DQ at 15:49.

* Indian Broken Glass Arm-Wrestling Contest:
Khali w/Ranjin Singh b. Triple H
– Singh translates for Khali. Hunter makes fun of him and then says he’ll break Khali’s legs at SummerSlam. They start the contest… Khali gets the early advantage. Triple H comes back. Khali then headbutts Triple H and goes for the two hand chokeslam. Triple H reverses and goes for the pedigree. Khali locks on the Vice Grip. Triple H tries to fight but goes down. Khali stands tall. Two refs come out and help Hunter to the back.

* Backstage, Curt Hawkins is shown laid out in the locker room with a black rose on him.

* A Ron Killings vignette is shown.

* Chavo Guerrero and Vickie think that Edge may be responsible for laying people out tonight backstage. At some point Zack Ryder was also knocked out.

* Vladimir Kozlov b. Jesse w/Festus
– After a short promo in Russian, Kozlov pins Jessee in about a minute after blocking his crossbody.

* The Guerreros do more talking in the office. Vickie crushes a black rose in her hand.

* Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel b. Super Crazy
– Kendrick pins Super Crazy after hitting The Kendrick at 4:32. Ezekiel put Super Crazy in a torture rack after the match.

* Edge joins the Guerreros in the office. Vickie is pissed. Edge sucks up to her and calls for unity.

* Edge, Chavo, and Vickie all come out to the ring to call out The Undertaker. Both Edge and Chavo have chairs. Edge turns on Chavo and gives him a one man con–chair–to as Vickie watches from her wheelchair. Edge then shoves Vickie out of her chair. As she screams he cries out that he will take Undertaker and La Familia to hell with him. SmackDown goes off the air.

Dark Main Event:
* Edge (in street clothes) vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship.
– Edge substitutes himself for Vladimir Kozlov. Triple H destroys him with a pedigree after a couple of minutes.

Edge, now shirtless, attacks Hunter as soon as he gets the pin and the title match starts.

* Triple H b. Edge
– Edge dominates early on. Triple H comes back as Kozlov is still in the ring lifeless. They continue to fight back and forth. Edge eventually goes to the back and gets counted out. Kozlov is pedigreed a second time.

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