(Spoilers) TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results (7/1-7/15)

The following are spoiler notes from tonight’s show, which will be stuff for the 7/1, 7/8 and 7/15 episodes of Impact in no particular order. Results are from F4WOnline.com.

Ethan Carter III b Kurt Angle to win the TNA title

The final match between The Wolves and Austin Aries & Bobby Roode is a 30 minute Iron man match. This will be determined when whoever wins the match this coming Sunday says I want an Iron man match. The fans in attendance, many of whom were in attendance tonight, will be shocked by this.

Rules are most falls in 30 minutes. Aries & Roode win the first fall at the 26;00 mark. Wolves win the second fall with less than a minute left, and win the third fall just as time expires so they are the new champions.

James Storm introduces his mystery partner, Serena Deeb, for a match against Magnus & Mickie James that already took place last night. People in attendance last night that already saw the match were stunned.

Ken Anderson b Bram via DQ for usage of a chair

Tigre Uno retained the X title over Grado, Rockstar Spud and Zema Ion. Tigre Uno was injured but it wasn’t clearly how badly he was hurt.

Street fight: Jessie Godderz b Robbie E

Velvet Sky b Madison Rayne

What appears to be a show open has Ethan Carter III talking about how Dixie Carter is returning tonight. Matt Hardy wanted to challenge him for the title but he refused. Apparently the 7/8 show has Ethan Carter III as the matchmaker and instead he ordered Hardy in a handicap match against Aries & Roode.

Aries & Roode b Matt Hardy

With the Rising having disbanded, based on a match that airs this coming week, Drew Galloway is booked by EC 3 into a 3-on-1 match against Manik, Abyss and Khoya. Galloway wins the match.

Wolves retain the tag titles over MVP & King via DQ when Hernandez interferes

Brooke b Taryn Terrell to win the Knockouts title. Gail Kim is the new Bray Wyatt or Sabu, appearing when the lights go out and then disappearing.

Eric Young b Rockstar Spud in a chain match

EC3 announced he would have multiple title defenses.

EC3 b the return of Norv Fernum

EC 3 b Shark Boy in his second title defense

Kurt Angle showed up before the third opponent and demanded a return match tonight. They set it up. The match will probably be taped tomorrow.

The show may have ended here.

They did a segment where EC 2 got a low blow from Spud. He also gave Josh Matthews a stunner and kissed EC 3’s mom while Tommy Dreamer came out and gave somebody a DDT. EC 3’s real parents were at the show. I don’t know if they were the ones in the angle.

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