SoCal Val On What Separates World Of Sport, Talks The Women’s Division And The Best Advice She Received

Wrestling broadcaster, SoCal Val recently spoke with The Mirror to promote World Of Sport’s return to the TV screen and she discussed her role on the show and more.

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On what makes World Of Sport stand out:

“Well to start I just want to mention how excited I am to be a female commentator first and foremost. You know it’s so rarely been done and never to this extent. I was really honoured to be a female on the show and an American on the show, so to join such a historic brand really meant a lot to me and now that I’m living in England, I’ve gotten to catch up with the older episodes of World of Sport so the nostalgia is there and I still appreciate that.”

On WOS’ Women’s division:

“It’s hard to pick a favourite, because they really are so different. I do love Viper. I think Viper is one of the strongest females that we have in terms of athleticism, in terms of presence. She’s just one of those really imposing characters, but holds herself with such grace as well. I love Kay Lee Ray, I think she’s really, really talented – a great performer. I think she’s someone little girls will really look up to. We’ve got Ayesha as well, who’s a very imposing force too. I think it’s a nice mix of girls, but the fact that we have such an emphasis on our women’s division, I think is what’s really going to set us apart. And again, not to bring it back to myself, but I love that they chose a female commentator. I think that just shows you where their heart is in terms of pushing the female aspect of the show as well.”

The best advice she ever received:

“I think it really makes a difference too when you meet somebody who’s trying to make a name for themselves in wrestling. It’s kind of being a hustler and I use that word meaning it’s somebody who’s always going after the next job, it’s somebody who’s always being prepared, somebody who’s done their homework. When I was first starting out, I did nothing but watch wrestling religiously and I went on eBay and ordered any tapes that I could that might help me in different aspects. I watched women like Francine, Sunny, Dawn Marie, all these women I looked up to and I found all of the characters that I loved and sort of twisted them into my own character. You can see shades of all these different women that I tried to emulate and you kinda have to make it your own. You want to have originality in the business and you want to have longevity in the business as well.”

The future of WOS:

“You know honestly keep an eye on our social media accounts, we do have some incredible plans coming up, but you know everything is really going to be determined by the fans. We want to hear from them, we want their feedback. I’m really intrigued to see what they would want to see next. I had some tweets from people ordering merchandise before the show even aired. So that just shows you the excitement and the loyalty we already have with these fans going forward, which we can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are to have. The longer it progresses, I think it’s going to become its own entity. Again, I’m just so grateful to these fans for being so excited about WOS.”

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The Mirror

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