Smackdown Live Results (12/5): Will Sami Suffer Any Consequences?

The show opens up with SmackDown Live’s intro video.
We are welcomed to the show by Tom Phillips. He is joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.
We are live in the arena where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn makes their way down to the ring. Owens gets on the mic and welcomes us to the Sami & Kevin Show and Zayn corrects him as usual, suggesting that it be the Kevin & Sami Show. Owens says that when he is as great an athlete as they are, you never stop learning, and what he’s learned over the past few months is that when you’re the victim of a McMahon family vendetta, they will stop at nothing to get their pound of flesh.

Just ask Daniel Bryan, right? Or Bret Hart? Or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Better yet, just ask them, because let’s face it, they’re better than any of the guys they just mentioned, and that’s why they’re the latest objects of the McMahon family wrath. Case in point, last week Shane McMahon, who is supposed to have the WWE Universe’s best interests in heart, tried to end Owens’ career by way of his vessel of destruction, Randy Orton.
Sami then says that it’s funny, because history repeats itself, and not that long ago it was Stephanie McMahon who used Randy Orton to do his dirty work. Owens talks about how Orton had every door opened for him while they scratched and clawed for everything they got and Shane can’t get over how they humiliated him at Hell in a Cell and how he failed at Survivor Series.
Zayn says that the embarrassing part is his plan didn’t even work, and Owens picks it back up saying that he knew what he had to do last week when he made the match no disqualification with Sami barred from ringside. He would have to beat Randy up so bad that he would no longer be an option for Shane, to show the world he’s not afraid of the Viper or the vendetta, and to do that he had to outsmart McMahon.
And, let’s be honest, it’s that hard to outsmart a man blinded by his own shortcomings like Shane is. Sami says that he knows McMahon is born and bred into the business, but even the best of us needs a reminder, and right now, he’s in the ring. Sami rolls out and points out that he’s outside the ring, what they in the business sometimes call ringside.

At ringside you might see a terrible announce team, ring announcer, bell man, his name might be Steve, an up close look at the WWE Universe, which isn’t the most pleasant sight in the world tonight and then, he says as he gets the ramp, right around here, that’s something very different. This area is where he laid waste to Randy Orton with a steel chair, and you can call that attack whatever you want, heinous, vicious, cowardly, but you definitely can’t say it happened ringside.
Thus, Shane McMahon needs to watch his words more carefully. You want him and Owens to conform to the system, well they’ll follow your rules and still win. The crowd maybe doesn’t react to how he would like and he doubles down. RKO out of nowhere on Owens in the ring. Sami is stunned and Shane McMahon makes his way down to the ring before he can make a break for it.
Shane thanks him for his tutorial as to what is ringside and says that he wants to clear a few things up. For one, he doesn’t have a personal vendetta against them. And also they felt disrespected for not having anything at Survivor Series? At Clash of Champions he has something for them. They will face the duo of the Viper, Randy Orton and a partner of his choosing.

But Sami’s so hopped up with energy that he wants to give him something to do tonight, and that’s a one-on-one match with Randy Orton. Oh, and once Owens gets his faculties about him, he’s more than welcome to join him at ringside, in fact he’s gonna insist on it, because Owens is gonna be handcuffed to the ropes.
Commentary hypes up the match between Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode and The New Day taking on Rusev & Aiden English, and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break, we get a bit of hype for John Cena’s media appearance in support of his new film.
We head backstage where we see that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are freaking out. Owens complains that he can’t even turn his neck and he asks Zayn what happened. When he is informed about the match by Zayn, Owens is stoked about the chance for revenge. Sami then mentions the handcuff stipulation and Owens is as upset as you’d imagine. Owens says that he knows how to fix this, though, and he’s gonna go talk to Daniel Bryan.
We head back to ringside where Aiden English and Rusev currently are, and Aiden informs us that every day is Rusev Day, much like how every day is Caturday. But at this time of year, there is a very special Twelve Days of Rusev, and he sings a riff on the Twelve Days of Christmas, starting with “a tag team victory” and moving through “two Rusev shirts”, but before he can get to the third day of Rusev, Big E does the usual New Day promo and The New Day makes their way down to the ring, slinging giant pancakes into the crowd.
Aiden English & Rusev vs. The New Day: The New Day is represented by Big E & Kofi Kingston in this match and Xavier is watching from ringside with Francesca. Big E overpowers English early on and grinds on him, then slams him down. Kofi tags in and continues the offense on English. Kofi hits a springboard crossbody for a near fall, then continues the beat-down. Kofi goes for the Boom Drop, but Rusev pulls English out of the way. Rusev and English take a breather on the floor while the New Day taunt them from the ring. Rusev tags in and takes control of the match against Kofi. Big E and English tag in and Big E gets the better of their exchange and starts nailing suplexes. Big E dances then hits the big splash on English. Big E looks for the Big Ending, but English rakes the eyes. Rusev tags in, but Big E catches him off guard with a suplex for a two count. Kofi tags in, but Rusev pulls Big E outside and whips him into the ring steps. Kofi comes flying out of the ring with a suicide dive on Rusev on the floor, then takes him back in the ring. Kofi boots English off the apron, then comes for Rusev but Rusev takes him down. Rusev hits a big boot to the back of the head for the win. Winners: Rusev and Aiden English
After the match, The New Day heads back down to the floor as Rusev and English stand tall in the ring while Rusev’s music plays.
Commentary recaps the breakup of The Hype Bros from last week, and we go to an interview with Mojo Rawley backstage.
He says that everybody keeps getting on him for what he did to Zack Ryder. His boy Gronk keeps getting on him, but why doesn’t anybody ask what Zack did to him? Rawley says that the second Ryder got hurt he went and won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in Memory of Andre the Giant by himself. The second things are going his way, Zack comes back to drag him down like dead weight.
But Mojo is a serious competitor, he’s nobody’s tag team partner because he’s a superstar, and if there’s anybody in the locker room, in the arena, anywhere, that has a problem with what he did to Ryder, they can shove it.
Commentary hypes up the match between Sami Zayn and Randy Orton for later tonight and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break, commentary informs us that there will be a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title Match at Clash of Champions.
We head backstage where we see Daniel Bryan listening to Carmella, Lana, and Tamina bickering. Carmella says that getting rid of Ellsworth justifies giving her a spot at Clash of Champions, but Lana says that her “Samoan Soldier” deserves a shot at Flair, but Bryan says that he is sorry but the title match is already set. But, Carmella could join it if she hands over the contract, which she has named Frankie.
The Riott Squad shows up and Ruby starts talking about how they have made the earth move, she even pinned the champion, and she hasn’t been put in the match. Liv Morgan calls Bryan superficial and prejudiced against blondes, and Sarah Logan agrees, adding that he is biased against southerners, and Ruby says that in any case he didn’t let them come here to be a bunch of afterthoughts.
This gets everyone bickering again and Bryan hollers at them to stop it before saying that they will all be at Clash of Champions, because he’s making the title match a lumberjack match.
We head to the locker room where we see that Bobby Roode is getting ready when Baron Corbin shows up, asking him how he feels about their PPV match becoming a triple threat. Bobby says that he knows he can beat Corbin one-on-one, but with Dolph Ziggler added, his chances, mathematically speaking, go down by a third. Baron says that his chances of winning go down as well, but he’s the only one that matters.
Dolph Ziggler shows up in a camo hat and says that he has been added to the match because he is a two-time world champion, five-time Intercontinental Champion, and he’s cashed Money in the Bank in. And, mathematically, both their odds just dropped to zero.
Commentary hypes up an appearance from The Bludgeon Brothers and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break, we are just in time for the entrances for the next match.
Adam James & Josh Carr vs. The Bludgeon Brothers: Rowan starts this one off and immediately drops one of the enhancement talents with a kick. Harper knocks the other jobber off the apron and decks him with a big lariat. Harper rolls back in and helps Rowan beat down the legal man now. Rowan picks up his own partner Harper and slams him on top of the legal enhancement talent. Harper now tags in for their double crucifix powerbomb for the win. Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers
After the match, The Bludgeon Brothers stands tall as we get replays.
Commentary sends us to a special preview of Charlotte Flair’s appearance on the Psych movie.
We head to the locker room where Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are talking and Sami starts rambling at Owens and asks him if he has spoken to Daniel Bryan. Sami also talks about how they might be able to lawyer up when Owens cuts him off and says that Bryan said he would think about it. Zayn asks what that means and Owens says that they will just have to find out.
Commentary hypes up the match between Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break, we are just in time for the entrances for the next match and we see that Dolph Ziggler has joined the commentary table for this one.
Baron Corbin vs. Bobby Roode: This one is a non-title match. They lock up and go back and forth in the opening moments until Corbin takes control after an elbow. Roode fires back with a shot to Corbin’s knee, and sends Corbin to the floor. Corbin fights back into the ring with right hands, and now takes control of the match. Corbin hits a clothesline in the corner and continues working over Roode. Roode fights up and continues to focus his offensive efforts on Corbin’s knee. Roode charges forward but Corbin catches him. Corbin goes for a chokeslam but Roode escapes and hits a boot to the face. Roode misses a shot off the middle rope, then both men go down after colliding with clotheslines. Ziggler runs in now and drops Roode with a Zig Zag. The referee calls for the bell as fans boo. Winner via DQ: Bobby Roode
After the match, Ziggler waits for Corbin to get up and drops him with a Zig Zag as well. Ziggler stands tall as his music plays.
We head backstage where we see Natalya is talking to Carmella, Tamina, and Lana, stoked that they are going to be at ringside for her title match at Clash of Champions. Carmella points out that they are lumberjacks and Natalya insists that she will have their backs the way they have hers, and they have a right to defend themselves as lumberjacks, and she needs to know that they will do the right thing if she ends up outside at The Riott Squad’s mercy.
Natalya plays on their fond memories of the Welcoming Committee and asks if they are going to let three stray cats ruin a title match. The Riott Squad shows up and Natalya plays it off like they are just welcoming them and she thanks them for taking Becky Lynch and Naomi out, putting them over as the epitome of beauty, brawn, and brains, saying that she is honored to share a spotlight with the most powerful women in WWE.
At this point, Natalya books it and leaves the other six women staring each other down.
Commentary promises us a preview of the WWE Championship Match that will take place at Clash of Champions and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break, we get some hype for a man who Kevin Owens once power-bombed off the stage who will be appearing at Tribute to the Troops before sending us to the promised video package about the WWE Championship Match that will take place at Clash of Champions.
Charlotte Flair vs. Tamina Snuka: Lana, Carmella and Natalya are all at ringside for this one. Charlotte and Tamina struggle for power in the opening moments, but Charlotte quickly takes control and drops Tamina. Tamina fights back up and whips Charlotte into the corner and out of the ring. Charlotte fights her way back in the ring, but Tamina rams her into the corner and hits a series of shoulder thrusts. Tamina slams her in the corner and taunts her. Tamina controls the next few moments as Lana looks on and nods in approval. Flair starts getting her second wind and hits some chops and a neck-breaker. Flair reverses a Samoan Drop and connects with a big boot on Tamina. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight and Tamina taps out. Winner: Charlotte Flair
After the match, Flair stands tall with the title. Natalya jumps on the apron and gets on the mic.
Natalya congratulates Flair on her victory but says that she should enjoy her last taste of victory because she’s taking the title back, and the Queen will bow down to her. Natalya says take a look around the ring, it’s a little taste of a lumberjack match and her head should be on a swivel, because she. Natalya gets interrupted by The Riott Squad.
The Riott Squad makes their way down to the ring. Ruby Riott gets on the mic and asks Natalya to hold on, saying for once she agrees with her, and they should give their beloved champion a preview of what’s in store for her. But what’s a preview without the stars of the show, so break out your popcorn and take a sip of your soda, because The Riott Squad is here for your feature presentation.
Logan talks about being as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs and Liv says no one is safe when a riot is about to break out, but Tamina takes the first shot on Sarah. Their respective allies pull them apart as Charlotte gets out of Dodge, holding the title high on the stage.
We head backstage where Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are walking when they roll up on Daniel Bryan. Owens thanks Bryan from the bottom of his heart for hearing him out, and Bryan says that he has considered their appeal. On one hand, he thinks that it is embarrassing to have Owens shackled like a rabid dog, but on the other it’s important to make sure that there is no interference in the match, so he agrees with the Commissioner.
A security guard holds the shackle up and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are at ringside with Daniel Bryan and they are still protesting the handcuff stipulation on the main event. Bryan says that if he doesn’t do it, he’ll be suspended. Owens finally agrees and throws a fit after the cuff is locked.
Commentary runs down the card for Clash of Champions and Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring, but we go to a commercial break before the match proper.
Back from the commercial break, we are just in time for the bell.
Randy Orton vs. Sami Zayn: The opening bell sounds and Orton backs Zayn into the corner and the fight spills out to ringside early on. Orton launches Sami over the announcers table, then back suplexes Sami on the top of the fan barricade. Orton then suplexes Sami onto the announce table. Back in the ring, Sami goes over to where Owens is cuffed and stays near him. Sami tries to get Orton from behind, but Orton decks him and they fight around ringside some more. Orton slams Sami on the announce table again. Sami comes back and whips Orton into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Sami starts working over Orton before once again taking him outside. Sami continues the offense on Orton and starts trash talking him. Orton starts firing up and hits a powerslam, which prompts Sami to roll outside for a breather. Sami starts looking for weapons, and ends up hitting Orton with a pair of bolt cutters. Sami tries to cut Owens’ cuffs off, but Orton stops him and beats him down. Orton also gets a shot in on Owens, and Sami capitalizes on the distraction and hits Orton from behind. Sami goes up top, but he’s too slow and Orton knocks him down. Orton goes up and hits a superplex on Sami onto the mat.
Owens now has the bolt cutters and breaks his cuff, but Orton immediately drops him. Orton then hits a DDT on Sami and looks for the RKO. Owens comes up on the apron but Orton sees it and kicks him, then looks for the DDT. Sami breaks it up and rolls up Orton for a two count. Orton goes for the RKO, Sami ducks and goes for the Helluva Kick, but Orton ducks that. Orton rolls up Sami out of the corner for the three count. Winner: Randy Orton
After the match, Owens attacks Orton from behind. Owens and Sami double team Orton until Nakamura comes out for the save. Nakamura starts handing out kicks and knees to Sami and Kevin, then hits the Kinshasa on Owens. Orton gets up and hits the RKO on Sami. Orton and Nakamura lock eyes, and it seems like they’ll be partners at Clash. Orton then gives Owens an RKO, and Nakamura gives Sami the Kinshasa.
We head backstage where Shane and Daniel talk about that being a great finish to the show. Daniel asks Shane if Owens and Sami are done being punished now, but Shane says he’s just getting started. Shane says that he will be the special guest referee for the match where Owens & Sami will take on Orton & Nakamura at Clash of Champions. Shane says that if Owens and Sami lose, they will be fired not only from SmackDown, but from all of WWE. Shane and Daniel watch as Orton and Nakamura celebrate and SmackDown goes off the air.

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