Silver Spitfire pilot log week 13: home beckons as our team fly past the Pyramids and into Europe

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Join The Telegraph for weekly video updates on the progress of the Silver Spitfire – a project to complete the wartime aircraft’s first ever circumnavigation of the globe. 

In this week’s pilot’s log, above, our plane completes its longest journey of the project so far, as it makes its way into Southern Europe with the end of the adventure nigh.

To read more about the Silver Spitfire project, of which The Telegraph is proud to be the official media partners, see our main Silver Spitfire page. Here, you’ll find interviews with the pilots and engineers, and a real-time map of the aeroplane’s latest location.

Video by Stamp Productions

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  • Week 5: water salute welcome in Canada
  • Week 6: stranded in Russia
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  • Weeks 8 and 9: calmer skies ahead as our men escape the chaos of typhoon season
  • Week 10: battling through the troubled air of India
  • Week 11: dinner at the Palace with a Maharajah
  • Week 12: G-IRTY gets an MOT as the plane – and the pilots – start to grumble

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