Sid Vicious Explains How Issues With Hogan & Warrior Led To Him Leaving WWE

Former WWE and WCW Superstar Sid Vicious (a.k.a. “Psycho” Sid Justice) recently spoke with the folks at Hannibal TV for an in-depth video interview.

During the discussion, the former two-time WWE and WCW World Champion told a story about working in WWE in 1992 and how their top dog at the time, Hulk Hogan, drove him to want to quit the company after an incident that took place behind-the-scenes involving “The Hulkster” and the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon.

As Sid explained in the interview with Hannibal TV, Hogan was getting booed at this point in his run in WWE and after the 1992 Royal Rumble pay-per-view in particular, Hogan threw a fit and cussed out McMahon, blaming him for the negative reaction he received from the fans.

According to Sid, it was at this point that he went to McMahon and told him he was leaving because he didn’t want to work in a place where someone like Hogan could act the way he did.

“[Hogan was] putting on like a woman, screaming at Vince like Vince planned for him to get booed,” said Sid of the incident behind-the-scenes after the 1992 Royal Rumble. “I went to Vince’s office and I said, ‘Vince, I can’t work in a place where a grown man acts like this.’ I said, ‘I’m going home, I’m done.’”

Sid ended up being convinced by McMahon to stick around through the next year’s WrestleMania, and was then put in a program with The Ultimate Warrior. The two ended up not being able to do business together due to constant disagreements over matches and storylines, and as a result, Sid ended up leaving the company.

“It wasn’t maybe a month after WrestleMania that I had enough of the Warrior and I went home,” said Sid when talking about the events that ultimately led to him parting ways with WWE during that particular run.

Check out highlights from Hannibal TV’s interview with Sid Vicious above and below. For the entire interview, visit the Hannibal TV YouTube channel.

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