Shawn Michaels Says He'll Never Go On Another TV Show, Maryse Speaking Out

— has published an article looking back at the legacy of WCW’s biggest pay-per-view event of the year, Starrcade. Check out the history of the event, including exclusive photos and videos.

— Maryse Ouellet and Charlie Haas appear on the Hit the Ropes Radio Show this Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. Details are available here.

— Shawn Michaels discussed his contract status with WWE in a video published this week on YouTube.

“I have a contract with WWE. It’s not a Legends contract, it’s not a wrestling contract. It’s just something special they gave me. That’s one of the ways I make a living,” Michaels said. “I will never end up going anywhere else. I won’t be wrestling somewhere else and I won’t be showing up on someone else’s TV show.”

Michaels added he’s open to a part-time role with WWE in the future. “I’m always hoping to come back and maybe do a semi-regular role behind-the-scenes. But, that’s all stuff that’s hard for me to say when that’s going to happen,” Michaels said.

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