Serie A1: Modena won a battle against Roma

The players of Prandi claimed a victory in tie-break in Roma. Won also Macerata, Trentino and Treviso. Forli’ still without a single point.




It was a real battle between M. Roma Volley and Casa Modena with changing luck. Two first sets were very tied. Strong service and block of Roma and many changes in Modena made by Silvano Prandi. In the 3rd set Roma had great Victor Yosifov in service, but the guests were better in block and finish the set 22:25. In the 4th set Roma is more determinated and more efficient and they lead to tie-break. The last set won Modena thanks to great Angel Dennis, who became the MVP.

Also game between Lube Banca Marche Macerata and Copra Morpho Piacenza was close. It was the 500th match played by Macerata in Serie A1. They was very determinated and after four sets they beat Piacenza. The most efficient players from Piacenza were Marcus Nilsson (18 points) and Hristo Zlatanov (16). The MVP has been voted Facundo Conte (12 points, 53% in attack, 1 block and 3 aces).

33% of Guillermo Falasca is a conclusion of the match between Yoga Forli’ and Acqua Paradiso Monza Brianza. Forli’ increases because of return of Toni Kovacevic, but they are not able to attack with continuance. – We play worse than we train. We can’t lose our faith in ourselves, we can play better. Today various elements did not work, it’s a pity because we can do more – said Vigor Bovolenta (Yoga Forli’). From Acqua Paradiso Monza the best was Mauro Gavotto (21 points), from Forli’ – Kovacevic (14).

In Latina, after 92 minutes, Sisley Treviso claimed a victory over Andreoli. Great match of Novica Bjelica (15 points) and Alessandro Fei (29) – Today the match has gone well. We train hard but in game we tire. I took a rest after the WCh, I recuperated the energy and I have fun – said Fei. From Latina the most efficient was Sasa Starovic (21).

In other matches San Giustino claimed a victory over Vibo Valentia in straight sets (25:19, 25:18, 25:18). MVP: Fabrizio Dias (21 points). Castellana Grotte lost with Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo 1-3, the most efficient was Simone Parodi (16). In Verona Itas Diatec Trentino beat Marmi Lanza 3-0, good game of Osmany Juantorena (14) and Jan Stokr (11).

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