Serena Williams' coach agrees with Nadal on introducing on-court coaching

coach believes that the on-court coaching should be introduced in the tour. In a column for Tennis Head, Mouratoglou recalled the controversial incident that happened during the US Open final between the 23-time Grand Slam champion and the chair umpire Carlos Ramos.

I have never understood why tennis is just about the only sport in which coaching during matches is not allowed. You see it all the time in team sports, with coaches instructing their players from the sidelines, said Mouratoglou.

You also see it in individual sports. Boxers receive a constant stream of advice from their corners, cyclists on the road have radio contact with their teams and golfers are talking regularly to their caddies. People who oppose on-court coaching say this is because tennis is a one-against-one sport in which it should be up to the players to work out how to beat their opponents.

But why should tennis be so different to any other sport? The essence of every individual sport is about trying to find ways to beat your opponents and in other sports you are allowed to do so with the help of your coach.

Moreover, as Rafa (Nadal) says, when you are travelling all year with your coach it does not make sense not to be allowed to use that person at the most important moments. Serena will start her new season at the Hopman Cup.

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