SD! Live House Show Notes For Tonight, Shawn Michaels/nWo, A.J. Styles Turns 41

– WWE recently uploaded the above video to their official YouTube channel, which shows the infamous segment where Shawn Michaels joined the revived New World Order (nWo) faction in WWE on RAW in June of 2002.

– With the RAW crew live at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas tonight for live television, the SmackDown Live crew is scheduled to run a non-televised live event at the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas this evening. Advertised for tonight’s blue brand house show are the following matches:

* Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz
* Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Big Cass vs. Shelton Benjamin (U.S. Title)
* Carmella vs. Charlotte Flair (Women’s Title)
* The Bludgeon Brothers vs. The Usos vs. Rusev Day (Tag-Team Titles)

– Former ECW Champion Mikey Whipwreck celebrates his 45th birthday today. Whipwreck was born on June 4, 1973. Also celebrating birthdays from the pro wrestling world today are Joe Malenko (Jody Simon), who turns 62 and Jazzy Gabert (Marie Gabert / Alpha Female), who turns 36.

Over the weekend, there were a number of pro wrestling birthdays as well. On Saturday, Lex Luger (Lawrence Pfohl) turned 60, A.J. Styles (Allen Jones) turned 41, Velvet Sky (Jamie Lynn Szantyr) turned 37 and Grado (Graeme Stevely) turned 31.

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