Rourke Reveals Why He Can't Wrestle At WrestleMania, "Voices" CD Sales, Goldman


The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke was awarded with the American Riviera award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this past Saturday. Rourke took part in a discussion about his career at the festival. The subject of Wrestlemania 25 came up and Rourke said that he wanted to do the match at first, but changed his mind later. “My people suggested it might not be a wise career move,” Rourke said. This should explain his comments during his appearance on Larry King Live last week in which he said he “took the high road” by admitting he “may have put his foot in his mouth” with his comments regarding Chris Jericho at the SAG Awards two Sundays ago. Considering that Chris Jericho was on the show, it would appear that his appearance on CNN was designed to build the angle, but he put an end to it instead.

— As reported earlier today, Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9 debuted at No. 11 on the Top 200 Current Albums Chart this week, selling approximately 26,000 albums. The WWE site has an article on its CD sales and they are saying it sold 25,155 albums to be exact. The article notes it sold more records this week than the likes of Metallica, AC/DC, Mariah Carey, Kid Rock, Lil’ Wayne, Pink, Akon, David Cook, Rihanna and “many other artists,” although they don’t say that many of these albums have already been out. You can read their article at the following link with more mentions of other albums they beat.

— In the latest edition of “What’s Crackin’ with Scotty Goldman,” the SmackDown Superstar discusses SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero’s nude photographs. He also reveals his own “overexposed” shots. {“What’s Crackin'” – February 4, 2009}

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