Rosberg focused on ‘factors within my control’

Nico Rosberg will tackle next weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix  with his usual aim of achieving an outright win, and clinching the world title, by focusing on factors within his control.

The Mercedes driver has seen team mate Lewis Hamilton reduce the championship gap to 19 points thanks to two successive wins, but  Rosberg isn’t changing his approach and isn’t expecting to struggle in Brazil as was the case in Mexico.

“Mexico wasn’t ideal,” admitted the German.

” I was going for the win as always but Lewis was just a little bit faster all weekend. Sometimes you just have to accept that and be satisfied with your work.

“I’m not going to change my approach. I need to keep doing what helps me perform at my best and that’s going for the win every time.

“There are still two races to go and anything can happen in this sport, so I need to focus my energy on the factors that I have in my control.

“I’ve got good form in São Paulo. It’s one of the real classic tracks, which usually produce some exciting races, so I’m looking forward to getting out there and having a big battle in front of those awesome Brazilian fans.”

Rosberg explained that his difficulties in Mexico were linked with low tyre temperatures, a deficit which will not repeat itself in the upcoming last two races.

“This year [in Mexico] was unique because the tyres were cold all weekend, and it made the car quite nervous, so that was a unique experience this weekend.”

Rosberg will obviously win the world title if he wins on Sunday in Brazil, regardless of where Hamilton finishes.

“Yeah, it’s cool to be in that situation, but I’m not going to change my approach because that’s what feels best. I need to do what feels best and where I can perform at my best. That’s the way it’s going to be.”

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