Rey Update, Test Not Retiring; Speaks On Illinois College Shootings; Tank Abbott

source: Wrestling Observer

— Regarding Rey Mysterio’s apparent biceps injury, it is being said that the muscle rolled up the arm, which would be a full tear. Mysterio is looking to avoid surgery at all costs because he doesn’t want to miss WrestleMania. No word yet on what will happen with his title match with Edge at No Way Out tomorrow night.

— Late last year, Andrew “Test” Martin wrote on his MySpace page that he was planning on retiring from the wrestling business after his wrestling tour of Europe this March. Martin has since changed his mind as he is now accepting bookings for indy shows, personal appearances, and fan conventions. If anyone is interested in Test’s services, e-mail David Herro at for more information.

— Test put up a new blog on his MySpace talking about Thursday’s Northern Illinois University shooting incident. Test wrote, “So I see on the news another American decided to shoot up a University campus. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of American friends but I will as a Canadian never understand your fascination with having a gun. Do you think it adds inches to your ####? I think it makes you a #####, anyone who needs a gun is a coward..try putting your fists up and let’s see what happens. maybe that’s why this country is so messed up.” He also added, “Your precious America..the super power ranks number 56th on the list for health care right behind the way Canada is 2nd. I wouldn’t even know where to get a gun in Canada but here it’s on every corner…Guns are for #####, you point a gun at me you better be sure to pull the trigger because I will break your neck with my bare hands…”

— Former WCW Superstar Tank Abbott, 42, headlines tonight’s Elite XC MMA show against Kimbo Slice on Showtime. Abbott has lost 7 of his last 8 MMA matches dating back to 1998. Slice is the heavy favorite in the match. has Kimbo Slice as a -450 odds betting favorite.

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