Retired Wrestler Mike Graham Found Dead In Daytona Beach, Florida

Michael Gossett, professionally known as Mike Graham, passed away Friday at the age of 61.

He was in Daytona Beach, Florida for Biketoberfest and his wife found him deceased. Additional details concerning his death have not been released.

Former WWE wrestler Dustin Rhodes tweeted Friday afternoon, “R.I.P. to my mentor in the business mike graham. My god be with his family. He will be missed. Love u mike.”

Rhodes continued, “Alcohol and drugs are not the answer kids! I promise it all leads to a dark place. Stay in school, don’t use and mind ur parents.”

Former WWE trainer Tom Prichard wrote to Rhodes, “Just got a text from a friend about Mike. RIP. U never know where that breakin point is. He was always good to me. sad..”

He then stated, “I’m shocked but not, at the same time. Does it matter what or why? God, pls take care of Mike. Don’t know what else to say.”

Graham is the son of late Championship Wrestling from Florida promoter Eddie Graham. He began his wrestling career in 1972 in the promotion and competed through the early 1990s for various leagues, including the American Wrestling Association and World Championship Wrestling. He continued to work for WCW through 2000 as an agent and trainer. In 2008, he accepted his father’s posthumous induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.


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