RAW Report 7/2/07 Dallas, TX

Video clips from Vengeance. Voice overs of champs and contenders talking about what it is to be a champion and how much they want it.

Music and pyro.

Mr. Kennedy comes down to the ring in wrestling gear! He grabs a regular mic. He says his name and says he should be the WWE Champ, but he never got the opportunity to cash in his MITB. It’s because of us. We places stress, pressure and great duress on him. We caused him to compete when he wasn’t ready. From this moment on his actions will serve one man and one man alone. That will be Mr…
Cena’s music hits and he comes out to the ring being glared at by Kennedy the whole time. Cena gets huge heat mixed with some pop. He says it’s the usual Monday night except we have the new guy. He introduces himself as the WWE Champion. He can’t seem to know who Kennedy is.
Kennedy cuts in with Mr…
Cena cuts him off and calls him Mr. Camel-Toe.
“Camel-Toe!” chant.
Cena says the rumor is that Kennedy is a bit of a big mouth.
“Cena!” chant.
Cena says this is RAW and all people have to stand on is there words, Mr. Crappy-Pants.
Cena asks the fans if it’s their fault that Mr. Kellogg-Crunchy-Nuts isn’t the champ.
They say no.
Cena then tells Mr. Colostomy-Bag to shut up. That one person gave away the biggest chance he had and that Mr. Ke-(slurred)-day.
Booker and Sharmell come out. Booker says only one man is royal enough to fight for the championship. Everyone knows the next person to fight for the title is King Bookah. ‘Boos’ from the crowd. He says it doesn’t matter what the peasants think. He’s beaten Cena and made him kiss his feet.
Cena says he can kiss his championship ass.
Booker formally challenges Cena.
Orton. Comes out and says since they’re both new to RAW and not really bright. Orton’s been on RAW the longest. He’s ended the careers of HBK and RVD. But most importantly he’s never had a championship match with Cena. No one deserves a championship match with Cena other than Orton.
Lashley comes out. He says cold hard facts: Kennedy had the MITB and lost it. Booker and Orton are both World Champions and lost. Lashley never lost his ECW Title but no longer has it. He’s an uncrowned champion.
Cena says to Lashley we’ll have to do something about that.
William Regal comes out and says Coach is on holiday, so Regal’s in charge. By the end of the evening we will have a number one contender and a contract signing in the ring. Tonight we will have a system of beat the clock. They will all have singles matches tonight an the one who wins fastest will fact Cena at the GAB. He tells Orton that he better be warmed up because his match is next.

– Commercial

Orton is waiting in the ring. Jeff Hardy comes dancing out to huge pop.
They lock up and a shoulder block drops Jeff. Jeff rolls Orton up for two. A drop kick knocks Jeff outside. Inside the ring Orton covers for two. Jeff elevates Orton over the top and outside. Jeff baseball slide drop kicks Orton. Jeff flies outside onto Orton. In the ring Jeff covers for two. “Hardy,” chant. Huge clothesline to Jeff and Orton covers for two twice. Orton stomps his way around Jeff. Orton drops a leg for two. Orton gets leg scissors around Jeff’s waist and an arm bar. Orton changes it to a bear hug. They are on the mat at 3:13. Scoop slam and Orton covers for two again. Another scoop slam for two. Again Orton covers for two. Body scissors and arm bar on Jeff again. Orton covers for two. Body scissors are still on but Jeff elbows out. Upper cut from Orton. Jeff starts fighting back but Orton hits a knee to the gut and Jeff takes down Orton for two. Again Jeff covers for two. Jeff drives his feet into Orton’s gut in a corner. Face buster suplex to Orton and Jeff climbs. Orton rolls from the ring. Jeff’s neck is snapped on the top rope and Orton covers for two. Jeff hits whisper in the wind but Orton kicks out. Jeff goes for a twist of fate but it’s reversed into an RKO.

– Winner @ 7:06: Orton

Orton glares at Jeff in the ring.

Out back, split screen, Maria and Melina are heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Stay In The Game Moment – Candy beating Melina at vengeance. Candy is in tears and Melina is pissed.

Candy comes out with her new title strap. She’s in a long sparkly gold coat over a gold corset with black bra poking out and black stretch pants. She goes to the announce table. Both men stand for her. Melina comes stomping out in a silver and purple/blue two piece outfit. Melina glares over at Candy who smiles back sweetly. Maria comes out in one of her one sided jump-suits. This one red with a black and silver bra covering the other side.
Melina pushes Maria who hits a hard fez press. Melina fights back with a really bad giant spin. Melina pulls Maria’s hair and screams a lot. She ties up Maria’s legs and pulls her hair back. A kick to Maria’s chest. Melina keeps staring at Candy. Melina clubs away at Maria and screams a lot more. A shoulder to Melina’s gut then forearms to the head. A bulldog but then Melina drives Maria’s face into the corner. Melina’s new leg take down/cover on Maria for three.

– Winner: Melina

Melina leaves the ring and attacks Candy who fights back hard. Melina is slammed into the barrier by her hair. Candy poses while Melina seethes.

– Commercial

Video of HHH getting injured at NYR against Orton. HHH talks over the video. He’s in obvious pain when the doctor manipulates the knee. Dr. Andrews talks about the surgery and talks about how it’s similar to the injury to his opposite knee previously. HHH says it’s hard when you know exactly what’s coming. HHH then talks about rehab and how it’s a long, slow, hard process. He doesn’t want to just come back, but to be on top again. 11 time champ sounds good to him.

Dusty and Hacksaw are talking. He introduces Cody to Hacksaw. Cody and Dusty talk when Orton comes up and wants an introduction. Orton says one day Cody can be just like Orton. He says he can be better than his father, just like Orton is. Orton says since Dusty won’t introduce them, he’ll do it himself. He’s Randy Orton, the Legend… Cody says he know’s who he is and to stay away from his dad. Dusty tells Orton he’s disrespectful. Orton says he thinks that’s disrespectful? Orton bitch slaps Dusty. Cody dives at Orton but Dusty jumps between them. Orton walks away.

JR and King talk about Orton’s lack of respect but that Santino has a lot of respect and wants to earn every body’s respect. Video of Santino winning in Italy with Lashley’s help. It end with video of the match between Santino and Umaga at Vengeance.

Out back Maria is holding her neck and Santino come sup to her. He’s concerned but she’s more concerned about him. She says he doesn’t have to fight Umaga. Santino says people don’t take him seriously. He must beat Umaga and prove he should be IC Champion. He kisses Maria who looks shocked. He says, “For luck” and leaves her with her mouth hanging open.

– Commercial

Umaga comes down to the ring. Santino comes out to face him.
Santino dives in and gets slammed away. Santino kicks away at Umaga but his leg is caught. But a drop kick drops Umaga who rolls form the ring. Umaga pulls Santino out and grinds his face into the ring post. Back in the ring Umaga works over Santino. An elbow to Umaga’s gut but gets slammed down. Umaga tries to splash Santino but Santino moves and Umaga kisses the corner. Santino manages to cover Umaga but in kicking out Santino gets tossed from the ring. Santino climbs but gets caught in the air and Umaga hits a Samoan drop. Umaga hits a bum slam in a corner. A Samoan spike and Umaga covers Santino for the win of the IC Title.

– Winner: Umaga

Umaga stands over Santino holding the belt in his mouth.

Out back Booker and Sharmell are heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Video from the Jeff Hardy and Orton match earlier.

Booker and Sharmell come down to the ring. Val comes out to face him. Booker’s time to beat is 7:06.
Val gets a headlock on Booker, hits a shoulder block and covers. Booker gets an inside cradle for two. A kick to Val’s face and Booker covers for two. Forearms to Val’s face in a corner. Val fights back and hits a suplex for two. A chop to Booker who comes back with a clothesline and cover for two. Val gets driven into the ring post shoulder first. Booker goes for an arm bar but val tries to block. Booker gets the hold on. Val gets to the ropes so Booker has to break. Suplex to Val at 4:20 left. Booker covers for two. Val throws punches but Booker comes back with a reverse elbow for two. Knees to Booker who then telegraphs and gets kicked. Booker comes back and covers for two. Booker gets whipped but gets his knee up. Reverse kick to Val and then scissors kick and Booker gets the three with 2:36 left on the clock.

– Winner @ 4:30: King Booker

Sharmell rushes in and announces her husband as the winner in her shrill voice.

Kennedy is out back trying to talk to Super Crazy about their match tonight. Kennedy says if he beats Crazy in the quickest time he’ll go on to face Cena for the title. Kennedy says we all know Crazy will loose, so he might as well go out there and lay down for him. Kennedy says he will fly a few pesos his way. Kennedy asks if they have a deal. “Ci Mr Kennedy!” Kennedy leaves an Crazy gets a thoughtful look on his face.

– Commercial

Mr. Kennedy comes down to the ring. (I just noticed there are not a lot of signs in the crowd. Wonder if a lot were confiscated due to Benoit content.) Super Crazy comes down to face him. Kennedy has 4:30 to win.
Kennedy tells crazy to lay down. Crazy won’t. The bell has rung and Kennedy calls for his mic from the ceiling. Kennedy rails at crazy fro disrespecting him. Crazy quickly rolls up Kennedy for three.

– Winner: Super Crazy

Crazy leaves the ring and Kennedy goes stomping after him.

– Commercial

JR and King talk about Kennedy and how he just lost to Crazy. Video of Crazy’s win. Booker still has the time to beat.

Sharmell and Booker and talking to Shelton who will be facing Lashley. Shelton asks what they want. Booker says he has the time to beat. What he wants is for him to last 4:30 with Lashley, he doesn’t have to beat him. If he does, then Shelton will get the first title match when Booker wins. Shelton asks Booker if he really things he couldn’t last 4:30 with Lashley Booker says it will be no problem. Booker holds up his hand and Shelton tentatively, with a smirk on his face, kisses Booker’s ring.

Dusty is out back with Grisham. Grisham asks about the confrontation with Orton earlier. Dusty is pissed and challenges Orton to a match next week.

Carlito is out back bitching to Jillian about having to face Sandman. They talk about him being a beer swilling idiot. Sandman walks up and says that he likes to drink, but loves to fight. He pops open a beer, some of which gets in Carlito’s hair. Carlito gets pissed and spits apple. Sandman spits beer back at him. Ron Simmons walks up and says… “Damn!”

– Commercial

Carlito comes down to the ring. Sandman comes through the crowd with his usual entrance. Sandman walks the barrier and drinks a third beer! He walks the rail almost all the way around the ring – it was very cool.
They lock up and Carlito is backed into a corner. They break cleanly. They lock again and Sandman is backed into the same corner but Carlito doesn’t give a clean break. Carlito runs into a back elbow. Sandman is hung up on the top rope and then stomped by Carlito. Snap mare to Sandman an Carlito covers for two. Carlito gets a head hold submission on Sandman. Sandman won’t tap. Sandman elbows out. Carlito gets whipped and Sandman runs into his elbow. Carlito goes for the kendo stick but Sandman gets it and nails Carlito with it. The ref calls for the DQ.

– Winner: Carlito

Lashley is out back heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Lashley comes down to the ring. He has 4:30 to beat Shelton. Shelton comes down to face him. Video of Shelton kissing Booker’s ring.
Shelton dances away from Lashley all over the ring. They finally lock up and Lashley take shim down. Shelton rolls form the ring. Shelton rolls back in and throws punches. Belly to belly suplex to Shelton. Shelton rolls from the ring again. Shelton starts to get back in the ring an Lashley rushes and Shelton drops back down. Lashley ducks outside and forces Shelton back into the ring. Shelton throws punches and hits a hard DDT. Shelton covers for two. “Bobby,” chant. T-bone suplex to Shelton. Clothesline to Shelton and Shelton is whipped. A shoulder to Shelton’s gut and he drops Shelton. A kick to Lashley’s face and Shelton covers for two. Booker and Sharmell are watching from out back. Lashley hits his spear and covers for three. :25 left on the clock. Lashley will face Cena at GAB.

– Winner: Lashley

Lashley celebrates in the ring.

Cena is out back heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Promo for HHH. It makes him look like he’s coming back a heel (?).

Regal comes down to the ring with a clip board in hand. He takes a mic and tells us that in less than three weeks is the GAB. The WWE Championship will be on the line. Lashley will be the challenger. Lashley comes down to the ring. Video of Lashley spearing Shelton and winning with time to spare. Regal then announces Cena who comes out to much heat. Lashley faces away from Cena’s entrance. Cena says Lashley knows who he is and he certainly knows who Lashley is. He says Lashley’s a hell of an athlete and a great performer and he’s looking forward to the match. Lashley say he agrees. Lashley signs.
Kennedy comes out and cuts them off. Booker comes out too. They say to stop the signing as it’s a farce.
Cena cuts them off and tells them to come get some. They rush the ring and Cena and Lashley fight side by side. After the heels are beaten from the ring Cena signs the contract. Lashley then spears Cena. He looks at the belt then drops it next to Cena.
Lashley leaves the ring and Cena sits in a corner hugging his belt.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat

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