RAW Report 12/31/07 Greensboro

The final RAW of the year starts with an Orton promo. It talks about him working 12 months a year and thriving. If you’re a superstar, legend or just got in his way, he dispatched wrestlers without problem. He’s the wrestler of the year. He’s the WWE Champion.

Orton’s music and he’s already in the ring. All is dark with a spotlight on him. Huge heat. He says 2007 can be summarized with three letters – RKO. He says he went from being the legend killer to becoming a one man dynasty. In 2008 he’ll be more ruthless and dominant than ever. He’s starting the WWE Champion and will walk out of 2008 the WWE Champion.
Jeff Hardy’s music and he comes walking out to the ring. He waves to the fans, slaps hands and acts very humble. The fans love him. “Hardy” chants. He grabs a mic and faces Orton. He says Orton can talk about his year all he wants, but right here, right now it means nothing. What has he done lately? It’s about the one thing he doesn’t have – momentum. Jeff shows something Orton left out of his video – Jeff beating him in a tag match.
Orton says he got lucky.
Jeff says it proves he can beat him. He has momentum going into their match.
Orton says to ask Y2J, HBK and Cena about momentum and what he’s done lately. He says no one has ever beaten him for the title. He says he’ll show Jeff how momentum can take a quick turn.
Orton drops his mic. Jeff drops his mic. Orton drops his belt. Orton tries for an RKO but Jeff counters and hits the twist of fate. Jeff poses on the corner and then poses his way up the ramp and slaps hands.

Video of Flair saying he will need to retire, but he’s not ready to do so yet. Vince tells him he can go on forever as long as he keeps on winning. He loses and his career is over.

HBK is out back heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Promo for next week’s RAW Roulette.

Jeff is out back and meets up with his brother Matt. Matt says he’s there to support his brother and it’s good to get out. Matt says RR is his night.
Jeff asks how Matt’s doing.
Matt says he’ll never have to have his appendix out again! Matt asks if he can get a title shot if Jeff wins at RR.
Jeff says he’d love to face him in a title match. They go off to talk about it.

Kennedy comes out to the ring. HBK comes out to face him.
they lock up and HBK gets an arm bar on Kennedy. Kennedy is down on his knees int eh center of the ring. He gets back to his feet, slams HBK back and covers for two. They chain wrestle a bit and get back to their feet. Side headlock on Kennedy. HBK gets pushed off and hits a shoulder block. Arm drag into arm bar on Kennedy. Kennedy backs HBK into a corner and doesn’t give a clean break. Kennedy hits a bunch of punches to the gut and face. Kennedy gets whipped, HBK slides out next to him and pulls Kennedy off his feet. HBK slams Kennedy’s knee into the apron. Back in the ring HBK stomps the knee. HBK gets a half Boston crab on Kennedy. Kennedy manages to get to the ropes. They exchange blows. Kennedy hits a running shoulder tackle and sends HBK and himself through the ropes to the outside.
Kennedy rolls back into the ring. HBK is in the process of getting counted out. HBK gets back in at nine. Kennedy starts stomping HBK.

– Commercial

Kennedy is beating HBK down in a corner and drives his knee into HBK’s face. Kennedy covers for two. Kennedy stomps HBK and covers for two. Kennedy grabs HBK’s hair and yells at him. He gets HBK to his feet but HBK counters and tries for a cross face. Kennedy drops a couple elbows and covers for two. Kennedy gets HBK onto his shoulder and drives his lower back into the corner. He leaves HBK hanging up-side-down. Kennedy gets HBK sitting up, facing out and climbs. HBK elbows Kennedy so he falls back. HBK turns around. Kennedy climbs again and hits the superplex on HBK.
Kennedy covers for two. Kennedy gets a stretch hold on HBK in the center of the ring. HBK uses what he can reach and works on Kennedy’s knee. HBK manages to hit a flying forearm and nips up. An inverted atomic drop to Kennedy and then a low scoop slam. HBK climbs and goes for his flying elbow but Kennedy rolls out of the way. Kennedy rolls HBK up for two. HBK hits a modified sunset flip and they go into opposing two counts, back and forth. HBK jacks Kennedy’s jaw but Kennedy drives HBK face first into the mat. Kennedy covers for three.

– Winner: Kennedy

Kennedy goes up the ramp celebrating while HBK rolls around on the mat in obvious pain. Video of some of the better bumps of the match.

Grisham is out back with HHH. He wants to know about HHH facing Flair. HHH says it’s his dilemma. He goes into every match to win. What better place for Flair to retire then…
Vince and Regal appear behind HHH. Vince asks what happens to HHH if he loses tonight. Regal says if HHH loses he won’t be able to participate in the RR match. Vince says, “Happy New Year” quietly and walks off. HHH looks like he’s about to cry.

– Commercial

Out back Jillian is singing, Big Dick is dancing, Ron says, “DAMN!”

Regal wishes Vince a Happy New Year. Vince says he’s worried about Regal’s new year. He asks if Regal wants to start the new year off the right way. He wants Regal to prove himself to Vince in a match tonight. He wants Regal to face Hornswoggle. Regal says he will, but what about Finlay? Vince says Finlay is in Northern Ireland. Regal says he won’t let Vince down.

Video from Tribute To The Troops. They show a lot of clips that were not shown on the Christmas show.

– Commercial

RR commercial – they’re all fighting in a subway car. It’s the same as the poster that’s been circulating.

Video from the first RR. Hacksaw won after entering 13th.

Lillian announces a RR qualifying match. Hacksaw comes out to the ring. Umaga comes out to face him.
Hacksaw gets a “USA” chant going. Hacksaw goes after Umaga but gets taken down in a corner. Lots of punches to Hacksaw’s head. Umaga hits his bum slam. Hacksaw is laying in the middle of the ring bleeding from the mouth. Umaga pulls Hacksaw up and hits the Samoan spike. Umaga covers for three.

– Winner: Umaga

out back Flair is talking to Hardcore Holly and Cody. Vince rushes in and gets rid of the tag team. Vince asks Flair if he’s ready. He asks if he’s ready for one more woo. He says there will be no more limo rides. It’s over. It’s over Rick.

JR says that Vince might just be right and it would be heart breaking. They go on to talk about Y2J. Video of JBL getting pushed down and then attacking Y2J in the middle of the ring.

– Commercial

JBL’s bell and music and out comes his limo with the huge longhorns. Balloons and confetti drop from the ceiling and he gets out of the limo looking pissed. He pulls confetti from his shoulder and gets in the ring to huge heat. He glares around at all the fans. He raises his fist and a good amount of pyro goes off. He raises his other fist and even more pyro goes off. The whole time his music is playing and it just seems to take forever. Again he raises his right fist and more pyro! Both fists in the air and more pyro (please stop – it’s boring!). Finally his music stops and the fans are still giving him heat.
He says in his hometown a ball is coming down. This day will be known for one thing and one thing only. It’s the day JBL returns. It’s the day JBL comes to RAW. Everyone knows that he doesn’t have to be there. He’s a millionaire, times over. He loves power, he loves domination. He loves owning power. He loves squashing people under his thumb, because he can. He is our worst nightmare. If he can’t buy it, he will take it. Mark his words…
Y2J’s music and he runs out. JBL meets him at the bottom of the ramp and they fight. They roll around on the floor and throw a lot of punches. A bunch of refs, Slaughter and Pat Patterson come out to break them up. It takes a bit to get them apart. JBL is bleeding a bit from the bridge of his nose.

– Commercial

Video replay of JBL talking in the ring and getting interrupted by Y2J. They fight and get broken up.

JBL is out back screaming about how he’s been treated and his $500 shirt. He’s come to RAW to save it. He says he will be treated with respect. He can buy and sell each and every one of them.

Melina comes down in a leopard version of her wrestling outfit. She does her split entrance. Mickie comes bouncing out in jeans, a tiny denim top and a tiny denim jacket. Beth comes out in a blue and black dress with cut-out sides. It’s a triple threat match.
Melina pushes Mickie into Beth. They fumble a move and Beth covers. Mickie slams Beth down. Melina tries for the pin but Mickie grabs her. Beth slams Mickie off Melina and Melina goes for the cover. Beth and Melina get into it. Melina and Mickie both go after Beth. They take her down and Mickie goes for the pin but Melina won’t have it. They fight and Mickie hits a neck breaker. Mickie gets slammed into a corner and Melina tossed outside. Mickie is about to hit head scissors but Melina grabs her hair from the apron. Mickie’s head is pulled back and Melina applies head scissors on Mickie around the turn buckle. Beth is still held between Mickie’s knees while the ref counts to five. Melina finally breaks the hold, so Mickie is able to let go of Beth.
Melina tries to pin Beth but Mickie slams her off. Beth comes back after Mickie but can’t manage it. Melina and Mickie work together again and toss Beth outside. They hit a double baseball slide on Beth. A DDT on Melina and Mickie covers. Beth breaks up the cover. Mickie gets tossed outside. Melina is like rubber as Beth pulls her to her feet. Beth hits her fisherman suplex on what looks like an out cold Melina (she does a good job of being rubber and keeping her eyes closed). Beth covers for three and Mickie can’t get into the ring in time to break it up.

– Winner: Beth

– Commercial

Vince comes down to the ring with Regal in tow. Lillian announces Regal for his match. Regal is still in his suit. In the ring he takes off his tie and jacket. Hornswoggle comes down looking a bit intrepid about the match. He’s slow to get in the ring. He goes up to talk to Vince who’s on one knee. He hugs his “father”. Vince tells them to shake hands. Horney is less willing than Regal.
The bell rings and Horney looks at Vince, unsure about things. Regal backs Horney into a corner. The ref backs him off. They lock up again and again Horney gets backed into a corner with a clean break. Vince tells Horney to take him down. Real slams Horney down. Regal is about to punch Horney who looks up at him with puppy dog eyes. Vince is on the apron and motions Regal over to him. Regal lets go of Horney and gets spoken to by Vince about tough love.
Horney attacks Regal from behind. Again Regal grabs Horney about to punch him but can’t seem to do it. Vince grabs Regal’s jacket and pulls the brass knucks out. Vince says on mic to use them. He keeps screaming at Regal to, “bust him up” and “hit him”. Regal has the knucks, but won’t or can’t do it.
Horney leaves the ring quickly when Regal lets him go. Vince enters the ring and bitch slaps Regal. He says he wasn’t testing Horney, he was testing Regal. He says he wants to know what happened to Regal inside. What happened to him. He tells Regal to get out of there. Regal slowly and dejectedly leaves the ring. He goes up the ramp with his head hung.

– Commercial

Video of Orton in the ring trying to attack Jeff Hardy earlier tonight. Jeff manages a twist of fate on Orton.

Jeff comes dancing out to the ring. Santino comes out with Maria and Carlito in tow. Maria is in an extremely tiny and tight short, strapless black vinyl dress that leaves very little to the imagination.
Jeff gets the fans going and they tie up. Santino gets backed into a corner and Jeff gives a clean break. “Hardy” chants. Arm drag to Santino. Santino goes for one of his own but Jeff isn’t there. Santino hits a back heel trip to slam Jeff to the mat. Santino covers for two. Clothesline to Santino and then he gets slammed to the mat. Jeff drives both feet into Santino’s gut in the corner. Jeff climbs and the tron comes on with Orton screaming for Jeff. Orton says Jeff will be spending the night in the emergency room with his brother. He says he’s kicked Matt where his appendix was and will be kicking his elsewhere. Orton kicks Matt in the head.
Jeff runs from the ring to find his brother.

– Winner: Santino via count out

Jeff finds Matt out back with people trying to revive him. Jeff almost steps on his brother in his hurry to get to his side. Jeff is screaming his brother’s name the whole time.

– Commercial

Video of Jeff’s match and then Orton interrupting it. Jeff is then out back with Matt. King says people are checking out Matt out back.

HHH is out back saying they’ve had some good times to Rick. HHH says he hopes they’re still friends after he ends Flair’s career.
Flair says he doesn’t think it should be a foregone conclusion that HHH will win tonight. He says it feels like talking to himself and look at himself in a mirror twenty years ago. He calls HHH his best friend. He says HHH is the best there is right now. He’s not going down with his head between his legs. But HHH isn’t the man until he puts Flair away.
HHH says he strives everyday to be the man Flair was and is…
Flair says he’s not the man he was, but will rise to the occasion.
HHH tells him to be the man, and he’ll beat the man.

– Commercial

HHH’s music and he comes out to the ring. Flair comes out to HUGE pop in his horrible pink robe. The fans are going bloody wild!
Flair slaps HHH’s hands a bit and then struts. HHH just grins. A side headlock on Flair. HHH moves it into a hammer lock. Flair counters, takes HHH down and covers for two. Flair wooooooos and HHH smirks. They are obviously having fun. HHH takes Flair down and gets some heat for it. Side head lock on Flair. Flair pushes out and HHH shoulder blocks him. Flair hits a hip lock toss and a chop. HHH gets up looking more serious. HHH backs Flair into a corner. Clean break and Flair turns HHH into the corner. HHH takes Flair down a couple times and stomps him. Punches to Flair in a corner but Flair comes back with chops. They exchange blows into the center of the ring. Flair runs into a back elbow. HHH drops a knee on Flair’s face. HHH rolls Flair onto his stomach and drops a knee on the back of his head. Flair gets bounced face first off a corner. Hard rights to Flair but Flair comes back with chops.
An upper cut to Flair and he’s back in the corner. In the center of the ring HHH hits a neck breaker for two. Flair hits a bunch of chops and HHH’s chest is quite red. A spine buster to Flair that looked almost slow motion. HHH sets up for the pedigree but Flair counters and back slides HHH for two. HHH locks a sleeper on Flair, the fans were chanting for it before he even went for the hold. Flair goes down to his knees in the center of the ring. The fans gets behind Flair even more and he’s able to counter with a back suplex. Both are down for six. Punches to Flair in a corner but he comes back with chops again. Flair brings the Game to his knees. Flair somehow manages a double armed suplex on Trip. Flair nails a punch to HHH’s face and he goes down. Flair climbs and is able to fly onto HHH!!! Flair covers for two and he struts. Flair drops a knee on HHH’s face. A chop block to HHH. Flair hits a second chop block on HHH.
Flair sets up for the figure four, but HHH plants a boot on Flair bum and pushes him into the corner. Flair goes after HHH’s knee and manages to lock on the figure four. HHH flops around like a dying fish before flopping back. The ref counts two. HHH almost gets to the ropes but Flair pulls him back to the center of the ring. HHH drops back and the ref counts two again. HHH manages to get to the ropes and the fans are not happy.
HHH somehow manages to hit his pedigree but then rolls around holding his right knee after all the damage Flair did. HHH slowly crawls over to cover Flair but Regal comes down the ramp. Regal, from outside pulls Flair out from under a covering Trip and hits Flair in the head with the brass knucks. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: Flair via DQ

HHH is stomping around the ring pissed that he lost the match. Video replay of what just happened at the end of the match. Flair manages to get to his feet. HHH and Flair hug and hold each other in the center of the ring.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat
Vince & Regal

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