PlusLiga 2012/2013 preview

On Saturday we will see the very first action of a new season in Polish league. What can we expect?

Few months ago Asseco Resovia Rzeszow stopped Skra Belchatow from getting another gold in a row. Now, when this series has been broken, everyone is excited about another big fight on the way to the throne. There are definitely four strong candidates. Let’s take a look.

Asseco Resovia after this great success lost Gyorgy Grozer. German spiker had some highs and lows, but he will always be remembered as the main killer during the last play offs, when he was a real god to all Resovia’s fans. His departure was a bit painful, but the cure came really quickly. Now Rzeszow has two fantastic players: Jochen Schops – calm, very skilled and flexible (he supports his team also as a receiver) and Zbigniew Bartman – impulsive, powerful and strongly ambitious, who recently quit as a receiver to became a full time opposite. It’s going to be amazing competition in order to get into the first squad of Polish Champion. Along with great names such as Kovacevic, Nowakowski, Lotman and Ignaczak, Asseco Resovia led by Andrzej Kowal wants to be the king one more time.

Skra Belchatow has reasons to believe in a great come back. However, they lost some crucial players – Bartosz Kurek (Dynamo Moscow), Miquel Falasca (Ural Ufa) and Marcin Mozdzonek (Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle) won’t help this time. The search for the replacement was quite long and a little bit chaotic, but now Skra has 3 new players: Dejan Vincic and Yosleyder Cala. Despite of this, head coach Jacek Nawrocki took one more, very surprising precaution. Mariusz Wlazly change his position from opposite to receiver. Is it permanent? It seems so and for now, young Alexander Atanasijevic is playing Wlazly’s previous role. Polish spiker claims that he is not the biggest fan of this transition, but for now he is doing well. Summing up, Skra theoretically does not look so strong as in the last few years, but they doesn’t seem to care for this theory either, as they won one of the Polish Memorials, and – more important – Polish Supercup.

Zaksa Kedzierzyn is next in line to gold. Last season was horribly unfortunate for them (because of the injuries), but now they are back in shape and it looks like a really good shape. Patryk Czarnowski and Guillaume Samica left the team, but they still have Pawel Zagumny, Michal Ruciak, Antonin Rouzier and Jurij Gladyr. Great back up is about to come from Marcin Mozdzonek, Felipe Fonteles and Elvi Contreras. Another big news is also coaching staff – with Daniel Castellani (again in Poland) and Sebastian Swiderski (in new role) Zaksa has great chances of winning the race.

Jastrzebski Wegiel is the fourth team in the group of favorites. They made some promising changes in the squad: Patryk Czarnowski, Matteo Martino and Simon Tischer has joined the club, but first and foremost, they managed to keep Michal Lasko (new capitain) on board. If Lorenzo Bernardi will handle this group of different  characters and he will able to put a real collective, Jastrzebski Wegiel once again can look forward to upcoming season with  a great hop for success.

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