Pink Emoji House Upsets Neighbors In Manhattan Beach

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — Neighbors in Manhattan Beach are upset over a duplex in the El Porto neighborhood that was painted bright pink, adorned with two huge, goofy emojis with long eyelashes.

Homeowner Kathryn Kidd calls it the “Happy House,” but not all her neighbors are happy. Some are concerned about a potential decrease in property values, Fox 11 reported.

One neighbor, Susan Wieland, thinks it’s a personal attack — Wieland reported Kidd to the city after Kidd started using the duplex for short-term rentals, according to The Easy Reader. She was fined $4,000, because short-term rentals are illegal in Manhattan Beach, Fox 11 reported.

“My heart sank,” Wieland said. “What has this come to?”

Before Wieland left for a work trip, she got eyelash extensions. The emojis have large eyelashes, so she thinks the message was aimed specifically for her, the newspaper reported. One of the emojis has a zipper for a mouth, seemingly sending the message for Wieland to be quiet.

Kidd has denied all allegations and says the paint job was intended to make people smile, Fox 11 reported.

“I feel like I’ve been directly attacked with my eyelash extensions,” Wieland told The Easy Reader. “It’s definitely directed. I had them done here in Manhattan Beach, and they did them way too big. Now it’s painted on the house.”

The artist, known as ZtheArt on Instagram, posted a photo of the house and fittingly named it the Emoji House. He told Patch he answered a non-descriptive advertisement requesting emojis to be painted, but Kidd didn’t mention any purpose for the art — she just had a few references she wanted him to “clash together,” he said.

ZtheArt designs and paints large-scale murals, but his artwork is on a wide range of advertisements, merchandise and marketing materials, he told Patch. The emoji mural was spray painted in about three hours.

Neighbors have asked the City of Manhattan Beach to get involved, but the assistant city attorney said she can’t do anything about it, according to Fox 11.

What do you think of the Emoji House — is it neat, or a nuisance? Let us know in the comments.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article attributed information to a source that was not The Easy Reader. It has since been updated.

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