Paul London Rips Matt Hardy & His Girlfriend, Former Diva Involved In Car Accident

— Former WWE Diva Tiffany (a/k/a Taryn Terrell) stated on Twitter that she totaled her car Monday night. The former Playboy model was taken to the hospital but did not suffer any serious injuries.

— Former WWE Divas Maria Kanellis and Torrie Wilson are advertised to appear at Chiller Theatre, which takes place October 28-30 at Hilton Parsippany One Hilton Court Parsippany, New Jersey.

— Former WWE star Paul London took Matt Hardy and his girlfriend Reby Sky to task recently on Twitter. Regarding his former colleague’s arrest for driving while intoxicated, London wrote, “Karma Police, arrest this man. He talks in myths He buzzes like a fridge He’s like a detuned radio… This is what u get This is what u get.”

Sky, a former Playboy model, has undergone extensive wrestling training with Hardy this year and appeared on several wrestling shows. London, however, feels she’s a ‘wannabe’.

“Wake/Bake Up Call to ALL wannabe ‘wrestlers’, wannabe ‘models’ and professionally tazered SKANKS: W/out paying ANY REAL dues, how can one ACTUALLY expect any form of respect in ANY work environment?” he wrote. “When you’re surrounded by men who have truly sacrificed to be where they are, why don’t you stop trying to take short cuts ( by taking clothes off) and actually TRY AND LEARN SOMETHING? ANYTHING? Kill your ego for once.”

VIDEO – Matt Hardy tasers his girlfriend ->

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