Paul Heyman Says Lesnar's UFC Success Is Not Because Of His WWE Past

Paul Heyman has posted a new column at the UK Sun website with his thoughts about Brock Lesnar’s dominating win over Frank Mimr at last weekend’s UFC 100 Pay-Per-View. Heyman says while it’s impressive that the former WWE superstar has reached the top of the MMA world, his success really has little to do with his pro wrestling past.

“I’m actually surprised at how many wrestlers think Brock’s domination of Mir somehow makes pro wrestling more legitimate. It clearly doesn’t,” Heyman claims. Brock’s victory in the Octagon is as much a vindication for pro wrestling or WWE as Jesse Ventura becoming governor of Minnesota is a sign that wrestlers should run for political office. One has nothing to do with the other .. It doesn’t mean wrestlers are tough but it doesn’t mean they’re not, either — it means Brock is tough.”

He added, “Wrestlers are to be admired for the risks they take and the extraordinary toll they exact on their bodies in order to entertain the audience. I have nothing but the most extreme admiration for the sacrifices they make. But Brock just happens to be a UFC champion who was a pro wrestler, not a typical pro wrestler who decided to teach the MMA world how tough pro wrestlers are.”

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