Paul Heyman Makes Some Announcements Regarding SummerSlam Weekend

Paul Heyman was a guest over on WPIX (New York 11) last night, and the controversial advocate for Brock Lesnar made a few new announcements regarding SummerSlam weekend. Host Scott Stanford asked Heyman whether the stipulation in the Universal Championship match, which will see Brock Lesnar leave WWE if he loses the title, was a real situation that they’d be abiding by. Heyman commented by revealing that he turned down numerous storylines wherein stipulations would be broken during his time running ECW. Despite this, he was “authorized” by Brock to inform the WWE Universe that they would both be leaving WWE if they do indeed lose.
Stanford then asked Heyman if Brock Lesnar would return to UFC to face off against Jon Jones if he does decide to leave WWE. Heyman did not answer the question, instead offering to have fans refer to comments that Lesnar made to the Associated Press which touch on his future in MMA. Brock Lesnar leaving WWE for UFC is considered to be happening imminently. After winning his fight at UFC 214, Jon Jones called out the Universal Champion, and Lesnar then responded by telling Jones to “be careful what you fish for.” It is unclear if Lesnar will be leaving after SummerSlam later this month, but he does definitely seem to be leaving within the next year.
Heyman also released few other quick tidbits relating to the big SummerSlam weekend in Brooklyn. He confirmed that he is going to be joining WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross as a guest during his one-man show in New York City during the busy weekend. The show will be taking place at the Gotham Comedy Club on August 18th. Sports Illustrated also published news that claimed Heyman recently advocated for Brock Lesnar to lose the Universal Championship to Samoa Joe to WWE officials. Unfortunately, the question never did come up during the interview. SummerSlam weekend is sure to be huge this year. The final SummerSlam scheduled to take place in Brooklyn will be taking place on August 20th.

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