Paul Heyman Blasts Mike Adamle's Performance As ECW Announcer


Paul Heyman is back with another column at The Sun. This week, he blasts WWE for their decision to replace Joey Styles with Mike Adamle as the play-by-play man for ECW television. You can read the entire column at this link.

Here are some quotes from Heyman:

— “Adamle’s performance was so terrible, it drew an intense reaction from even casual fans who couldn’t possibly care less, and who were ready to take a baseball bat and smash their television sets after listening to his butchering of the program.”

— “Adamle is horrible. No one likes him. People at home actually loathe his presence on the show. AND THAT’S EXACTLY THE SORT OF PASSIONATE RESPONSE VINCE McMAHON IS LOOKING FOR!!! Do you really think Vince doesn’t realise how incompetent this tra-la-la-goon-de-yay of an announcer is?

— “The ECW show from the UK was TAPED. That means there was time for Adamle to grab a mic backstage and clean up the performance. Not the whole miserable, horrible, intolerable hour. Just the really obvious “branding” issues, like all 3 letters that identify World Wrestling Entertainment. Hey, that would be a start, don’t you think?”

VIDEO of MIKE ADAMLE Screwing Up OVER & OVER on Tuesday’s ECW Show [>]

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