Owens Challenges Elton John After Date Night Ruined By Canceled Concert (Photos)

Kevin Owens’ date night was ruined this week, and he wants Elton John to pay for it.

The WWE Superstar took to social media to comment about the rock legend cancelling his concert in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday night while he and his wife were in the arena waiting for the show to start.

“Hey, [Elton John], nobody ruins my wife and I’s date night except me,” wrote Owens on his official Twitter page, before following up with a challenge for a showdown at WrestleMania. “You, me…WresteMania,” he added.”

“I’ve fought men in their 70’s before, I can do it again!”

Owens concluded with hashtags that read, “#KOvsElton #KOMania4.”

Check out photos of Kevin Owens in the arena before he knew the show was going to be cancelled, and after, complete with his light-up Elton John sunglasses, by clicking here.

  • PHOTOS: Kevin Owens Inside Orlando Arena Before & After Elton John Concert Gets Cancelled

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